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Leftists say Trump lies 85% of the time, but to them Trump is lying if he says he is not a racist, which he has never been accused of being until he said he wants to build a wall to stop illegal immigrants and Moslem terrorists from freely entering America.  When last checked, Mexicans and Moslems did not constitute a “race,” nor are they Americans even if they are on the American continent.  But facts don’t matter to liberals when it comes to the truth.  This may be the definitive statement describing Hillary Clinton and how the Left sees Donald Trump:

Hillary cries “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?”

“I will fight back against so-called ‘right to work.’  Right to Work is wrong for workers, and wrong for America.  Now having said all this, why aren’t I fifty points ahead, you might ask!?  Well, the choice for working families has never been clearer!  I need you help to get Donald Trump’s record out to everybody!  Nobody should be fooled!  He proudly declared himself ‘100% Right to Work.’  He even hired a union busting firm to break up an organizing campaign at his hotel in Las Vegas where you are right now.  And he built up his wealth by stiffing small businesses and contractors.”

Obviously, you’re too stupid to understand all the good things Democrats have done for you little people.  For leftists, unless employees are unionized then they won’t get paid well.  Unions were formed in the 19th century to combat the Robber Barons who paid them starvation wages, and if they went on strike they would fire them and give their jobs to new immigrants.  Today’s jobseekers are “worker drones” who must pay their union bosses for the right to work, and those union bosses pay Democrats to permit them to get contracts.

Right to Work states do away with unions and allow anyone to get a job without paying the government for the privilege.  In states like Texas, employees have higher wages and pay less tax than do workers in California.  To top that off, Hillary says,

“Everyone has a right to immigrate to America.”

Democrats are importing millions of immigrants illegally to be cheap labor to take American jobs.  How does this affect their union servant donors?

Help get the truth about Trump’s record out there

Trump’s business record is well known to those who are not ignorant liberal Democrats.  98% of his businesses are successful.  Compare that to the businesses of Obama and Hillary – can you say Solyndra?  All of their Green Energy companies took billions in taxpayer money, donated to Democrats, and pocketed the rest as they folded.  Hillary says Trump “stiffed contractors.”  Those with whom he had bad business were incompetent contractors who did bad work, something with which we have all had to deal.  You don’t build a billion dollar empire by screwing your employees because soon no one will want to work with you.  Only unions can do substandard work and force you to accept it.  (Haven’t you had a mechanic or some other contractor do crap work, but you were forced to pay for it, and then had to hire someone else to fix their screw up?)

Hillary has a decade’s long history of lying with conviction; from White Water to her bimbo eruption hit team to Benghazi to her emails to her foundation to her pay for play state department.  Accusing Trump of being a cheat and a racist are as laughable as her chalkboard nails screeching is grating.  Trump’s plans as laid out will take Democrats boot off the throats of American businesses.  His plan will help the companies Democrats have been putting out of business prosper – like coal mining – recover.

Hillary’s slogan, Stronger Together, refers to whom; criminals, Mexicans, and Moslems whom Democrats are not only endorsing but aiding?  Obama and Hillary applaud Black Lives Matter protesters who turn to rioting and murdering police.  They invite Mexicans and Moslems to America who want to take jobs and money from Americans and force them to convert to new laws like Sharia.  And when Americans object and are murdered by terrorists, Democrats tell the people not to judge Islam and the teachings of Muhammad that terrorists follow.

America’s future

This election is about either keeping America running as it is now with criminals free to riot and murder police, Mexicans free to invade and take jobs, Moslems free to infiltrate, terrorize, and spread their hateful Sharia, and keeping Democrats in power to enable them while they steal all they can from the rich like Donald Trump who made America grow, or restoring America to Americans.  Hillary says Trump just wants all the wealth for himself while giving nothing back.  Trump has put tens of thousands of Americans to work over the years.  Who has Hillary put to work besides the illegals and those on her personal staff like her Islamist right hand Huma Abedin?  With Hillary continuing Obama’s legacy to fundamentally transform America, America won’t be America much longer.

The difference between America run by the Right and the Left is that the Right invites the Left to join them, and as the Right prospers so does the Left.  The Left works to destroy the Right, and as the Left prospers they use their power to destroy the Right.  America’s enemies are those who would invade and take what Americans have built and steal her wealth, but Democrats have declared their enemies to be the very people who built America so they can be the ones with the wealth.  That is why under Obama Washington, D.C. has become the richest region in the nation.  Is that the legacy you want to help Hillary build upon?

Thank you, Obama?  FRACK YOU!

Socialists stick their greedy hands up the Golden Goose’s A$$!

Fantasy Islam vs. Reality Islamic Terrorism

Liberals don’t know what they think they know because propaganda works!


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