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When you say you “SUPPORT” the victims of terrorism, exactly what does that mean? Personally, I’m really beginning to wonder about the nature of our country and our citizens today.

I am heartily sick and tired of candle-light vigils, after-the-fact “support” and people who stand “together in solidarity with” the victims of terror. When I was in Viet Nam, I don’t remember EVER wanting others to “feel my pain” when I was attacked. To me, just like the men we left twisting in the breeze in Benghazi, SUPPORT meant freakin’ air cover or reinforcements right damn NOW, while I’m in contact. I’m sick and tired of our national penchant for mourning together, praying for the victims, and talking about how we “feel the victim’s pain.” The victims don’t need our prayers anymore; they’ve already gone off to wherever they were bound. They don’t need us to “feel their pain either,” they don’t care anymore, because they are already DEAD! What about their relatives and loved ones? The fact is, they are not going to feel any less bereaved because someone else was doing candlelight vigils or “feeling their pain” either. It will still hurt just as much, no matter how many of the rest of us “feel their pain” (which, in fact, we really DON’T-if you’ve ever lost a loved one or close friend, you know what I mean by that). I suspect that the vast majority of those who are publicly beating their breasts over the victims of terror attacks are simply trying to “get in on it” and maybe steal a little “victim status” without actually having to suffer anything themselves.

If you REALLY want to support your fellow Americans, carry a gun! And learn to use it effectively under stress too. Start actively protesting the existence of “gun free zones,” and “No Guns” signage at places of business where you live; they just create more soft targets for terrorists, so anyone who posts them is part of the problem. “Supporting” the victims after they have been killed is both useless and meaningless.  Supporting them BEFORE they have become victims IS useful, but it requires you to be able to oppose the terrorist(s) who threaten them immediately, at the time the attack starts, and THAT requires you to be armed.  Since the attacks always occur in public, it requires you to be armed in public. Is that inconvenient for you – probably, but it would be REAL support, as opposed to fake “solidarity.”  Is it illegal?  In some times and places, yes.  If so, you ought to be out there publicly protesting and objecting to any laws the cowards among us have passed to make them “feel comfortable” at the expense of the public safety, indeed, at the expense of our national security.  When a country allows its cowards and sycophants to make the laws and determine how all the citizens must behave, the country becomes, for all practical purposes, a nation of cowards.  If you aren’t one of the cowards yourself, stop tolerating it!  We individual citizens CAN make a difference, but we have to actually DO something, and it is typically something at least inconvenient, and sometimes expensive, or even physically dangerous.

If you’re not willing to get onboard and do something useful, that’s fine, you can behave like a coward if you want, but don’t expect us to think better of you for your having lit a candle or “tweeted” a condolence, for the death of someone you didn’t even know.  You have, or can develop, the ability to make a real difference, but you have to be willing to actually get off your butt and DO something useful.

As Shakespeare said, “Aye, there’s the rub!”


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