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“We can’t drill our way to lower gas prices.” – Barack Hussein Obama, 2012

True to form Obama takes credit for the successes of others.  Obama congratulating himself on his economy is the ultimate act of a galactically narcissistic pathological liar.  Wanna thank someone in government for our low gas prices?  Thank the Republicans of the House who stopped Obama and the Democrat Senate from shutting down fracking the way they shut down coal!

Thanks, Obama

After they nuked the economy in 2008 and successfully blamed Bush for what the Democrat Congress did to us (an action that even fooled Trump) this is what Democrats call a recovery.  Just as it took ten years for America to start recovering from the Crash of ’29 because Democrats chose to tax away American’s wealth, it has taken this long to get the economic engine chugging again.  Not thanks to government, but because Americans strive!  Democrats continue to pour sludge into the gas tank by taxing corporations out of the country, importing cheap labor into the country, and taking in refugees who are not only a drag on our economy, but want to tear down America and remake it into the socialist, Islamic hellholes they left.

Let’s see who thanks Obama and Hillary for what they have done for America:

  • The boys at Benghazi were not available for comment because they died as a result of Obama and Hillary not sending even one plane to assist them.
  • Louisiana flood victims who died and suffered while Obama continued his golf games, not even doing a fly-by for which he cursed Bush.
  • Coal miners who have lost their jobs thanks to Obama’s initiative to stop coal production in America and make the country dependent of foreign coal for our electricity.
  • College students, who graduated with crushing debt but are now living at home off of mom and dad because they can’t find jobs in the “booming” Obama economy.
  • The twelve million people who dropped out of the workforce that are ignored by the Democrats unemployment accounting system, which is why they only report those who are looking for work as being out of work.
  • Those who were employed by the ObamaCare exchanges that have all gone under and those who were supposed to benefit from Obama’s “affordable healthcare” that left 3/4ths of those who were uninsured still without?
  • There are the minimum wage increases that have cost thousands of people their low paying jobs, so that their fellow workers could get a big pay increase.
  • And finally the TEA Party groups who were deliberately attacked by the IRS, denying them tax status of liberal groups.

The “sustained” growth is due to two factors; one, because there was nowhere else to go but up after Democrats slammed us down and began taking more out of the country than there was to give, putting our grandchildren into debt to Democrats, and two, because Texas Republicans kept their state’s economy working against Obama and not for him.  Democrats continue to damn the rich as getting richer while they have been giving them trillions of taxpayer dollars to their friends and donors on Wall Street.  And what have the rich done with that increased wealth?  Democrats say they’re busy filling their wallets, but the wallets being filled are those of the Democrats in Washington who taxed that wealth away so no one has enough to create new jobs.  That’s what Obama says his job has been, but what infrastructure has the federal government worked on in the last eight years?

Why do Democrats applaud Hillary instead of laughing at her?


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