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To you stupid people in the world that believe I am a liar and very corrupt and that I am married to a serial rapist and/or sexual pervert. Here are two simple rules that will explain everything about me and my husband’s political careers.

You are still poor, really dumb and fail to comprehend the Clinton Rules on making money or becoming President. I am confiding in you on a one to one level and I ask that you keep the following confidential as I truly like and love you and have for the many years that we have known each other. Here’s rule number one, are you ready for it?

Rule Number One: Lie, cheat, steal, kill and do whatever you need to accomplish to achieve your goal. People are actually so damn stupid they forget in two minutes what you just said.  Just smile, look at them or the camera without laughing and you have it made.  Bring on the tears, perhaps stumble getting in your vehicle or go on a coughing rampage. Make the People feel sorry for you. Swallow your pride, after all when you are worth hundreds of millions of dollars and/or President you could care less what people think about you.  You have become God and you have the power to even question Him if you are as greedy or crooked as Bill and I are.

Keep in mind at every election, be it local, county, state or national, you stupid imbeciles really believe all the other candidates are just as crooked as anyone in Congress. However your dumb brain tells you that only your career politicians where you live are the honest ones and this is why they deserve to keep getting elected term after terms. The best examples I can think of are: Reid, Pelosi, Tax Cheat Wrangel, and most of your members of Congress.

Bill and I can honestly tell you in confidence that Rule Number Two is the key to get elected year after year: Tell the fools anything they want to hear. Lie and lie some more, cheat, steal and smile and bring on the tears – do anything to make stupid people feel sorry for you. 

Very simple stated: “It’s none of your damn concern and to make it even more clear to you that do not understand – what difference does it make anyway?”

Remember once you have the wealth and/or become President you can now keep lying, break the rules of the Constitution, take people’s guns away from them and you be the “Boss” and people will kiss and kiss your butt as you now own them.  Look at the silly overpaid guards that have promised to give up their lives to protect us in order to make us more crooked and wealthy.  Our Donors that keep sending us money just to be seen eating with us.  Hell, Bill and I want nothing to do with these low life scum balls that pay Millions of dollars to us but remember after they eat and leave, we laugh at them.

Yes you stupid people, I do not lie, steal and have never been corrupt and if Bill was guilty of all the lies that have been said about him he would most certainly be in prison.  Keep in mind that we, Bill and Hillary live by our own rules and laws and have never answered to anyone because fortunately we pay or buy them off.

Please stop by and visit Bill and I in the White House and tell the guards that you are our special friend so they can grant you access to us, by the way a small contribution would be nice in CASH ONLY please.

Love Ya,

Hillary and Bill


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