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Obama is inviting Islam into America to fundamentally transform the Land of the Free into the Home of the Jihad.  Obama sees Islam as the next civil rights movement, but they are the next civil war.

America’s reality is that its first black president, who was lauded as “post-racial,” has made America more divided by race than before the Civil War.  And a civil war is what is being waged in our streets by blacks who are advocating for criminals and Democrats who want to import Moslems.  The BLM movement is being driven by Islamists with Obama’s blessings to destabilize American society and establish a foothold for Democrats to impose Sharia on Americans.  Who takes Obama at his word now?  90% of people believe Hillary Clinton is dishonest.  Why are there 45% of Americans who would still vote for her when 80% of them know she’s a criminal like Obama?

Obama and Hillary parrot each other with the same idioms:

‘The Islamic State’s Sharia Jihad is “not Islamic,” just as they say the Nazis National Socialist Party was not Socialist.’

Is this denial, delusion, or deception?  That depends on the person.  For the common idiot on the street who would be the victims or those terror attacks they are living in denial.  For the social justice warriors who are fighting to help Obama and Hillary transform America into socialist/Islamist culture they are living a delusion.  But for Obama and Hillary and the Democrat leaders who curse Americans as racists, Christianity as bigotry, atheism as enlightenment, and Islam as peace, this is pure deception because they know the truth of all these ideologies.

We all know that most all socialist regimes always used the names of democratic institutions; East Germany’s Democratic Republic, the Soviet Union’s Socialist Republics.  Just because they use the words democratic or republic, ignorant liberals think that’s what they are, but when they prove they are not they take the same license with those who identify and act socialist to say they are not when their true nature is exposed, such as the Nazis and Islamists.

When it comes to Obama’s and Hillary’s narratives they use ten times more words slandering Trump and Republicans than they ever do in condemning terrorists.  They do their best to minimize jihadi’s attacks because they are the ones promoting them just as they promote the rioters in America’s streets.  Democrats want to convince Americans to adopt Islam because it has proven to be the greatest socialist ideology in history.  What makes it the greatest?  Because Sharia forces all subjects to think and act the same, to be subservient to the state’s rulers who are fully endorsed and enforced by Allah!  There is no capitalism in socialism in which all the people are the same and no one is permitted to rise above others and that is what Islam has accomplished by making all the people submit or die!

Saint Obama vs. the Prophet Muhammad

Liberals believe Obama’s lies because he’s a very charming deceiver, but Hillary is a screeching old hag and her lies are much harder to swallow as they are much more obvious.  Leftists, however, want four more years of Obama despite his deconstruction of the American economy, military, foreign influence, and society.  America today has as few people working as under Carter, has as small a military as before WWII, and has as poor and disrupted a society as under FDR.  In all of this he is promoting Islam as being a part of America and importing a million Moslems to bring Sharia to America.

Obama has the progressive’s fairy tale vision of Islam as a religion of peace, but that vision is rendered a delusional lie in the face of the reality of Islam in the Middle East.  Their Prophet Muhammad did not advocate for peace in his lifetime that he spent leading his Moslem fanatics against Mecca in a war that lasted ten years.  After conquering Mecca he then sent his armies against all of his neighbors.  It is only because the Romans and the Persians had just finished a twenty year war that had lain both empires waste that they were able to succeed, break out of Arabia, and sweep across North Africa into Spain and across Persian into India.

The Koran is clear in its teachings and ALL of it comes from Muhammad who calls on all Moslems to wage Jihad against the infidels.  His commandment was to “make the world Islam,” to force all peoples to submit to Allah and Islamic rule and either join them or live as second class subjects.  The Middle East is living proof of what Islamism brings to societies.  Leftists think Arabs advanced civilization during the so-called Golden Age of Islam.  But that was an era in which they had just conquered and ruled over the civilizations that neighbored them.  After two centuries, Islam devolved into the warring, raping, enslaving oppressors that all Islamic nations are today.

Obama is duping Americans into inviting their greatest enemies into their homes, and Democrats are stupid enough to oblige.  Trump is the only man standing against this insanity and America needs him as the fighter who will reverse the cultural rot that Obama has kicked into high gear.  Unless Democrats are ousted and their criminals in the streets subdued then America will continue to suffer the terrorism of the Left.  The riots in Charlotte are black criminals destroying the city over a black cop shooting an armed black criminal, but Obamaites are spreading the lie that it was a white cop shooting an unarmed black man.  This is what America’s first black “post-racial” president has wrought.


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