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America, the world, is in turmoil. Not only must our undivided attention be directed to the threat in the Middle East, but we must deal with a divided and recalcitrant population, Congress and administration whose beliefs and disparate views on domestic and social issues are creating bitterness and resentment.

I recently learned that the New York City Health Department birth certificate form asks new parents whether the ‘Mother’ is male or female. The form provides a check-off box and the question is given in all upper case letters. The genesis of this change is a manifestation of the marriage equality movement, and the revision was approved by the state in 2008. After reviewing the revision, the city followed suit in 2009.

According to Lambda Legal Defense, an advocacy group for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people, given the various stages of transgender it is only proper to have a person who is giving birth and going through a sex change from female to male, to check the male box. Holy Cow!

The new century brought with it an upsurge in matters involving gender identity and homosexuality. For some this was a welcomed and long awaited issue that needed discussion and hopefully changes, while for others this was a formidable threat to religious liberty and traditional values. This has created a schism in this country brought about by what has evolved into a radical agenda by select groups that are highly influential and wield great power.

There are a number of factions in America; the print and main stream media, political class, the Hollywood celebrity culture, even some religions, that are patiently waiting with hope and great expectation that those who hold religious and traditional values will one day see the error of their ways, set aside their recalcitrance and obstinacy, rethink beliefs, and find salvation in a post modern society.

If necessary these radical factions, whose values and way of life are antithetical to all conservatives and traditionalists hold as sacred, with the support of a politically corrupt judiciary, will force change upon the unenlightened masses. It is already happening with a number of businesses that under threat of a lawsuit or severe fine are being forced, in defiance of their religious beliefs, to either comply and render service to same sex couples, or as some have already done close their businesses.

As the culture war continues to grow in intensity and people of faith and those who seek to uphold traditional values and institutions, confronted daily with defiance and hostility, must speak out and take a stand. The late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan coined the phrase “Defining deviancy down”. The senator witnessed how we as a society continue to lower our moral standards according to the dictates of fads and the popular culture, so that what was at one time considered unnatural and debased is now accepted as the norm.

If all this sounds insane to you, you’re not alone. When we the people become perpetrators and victims to our own dissolution and moral relativism, and when we begin to redefine natural law and societal norms, and devalue foundational principles and institutions so that there is no longer room for absolute truths, and when we allow secularists and atheists to replace traditional values with perverted plans and schemes, like this birth certificate insanity, we are witnessing not only the demise of decency and reason, but regression as a culture.

Voices from the past speak to us of their beliefs on matters of goodness and virtue. The father of this nation and its first president George Washington on a number of occasions spoke of virtue in the body of the people; “If that virtue erodes by a corruption of morals, profligacy of manners, and listlessness for the preservation of the natural and unalienable rights of mankind, America would degenerate into tyranny”.

Finally, some respite from the devolving cultural upheaval, a sign of hope; recently the Supreme Court blocked a lower court ruling in a lawsuit in favor of a Virginia school board to maintain the traditional concept of restrooms.


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