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Old ways and habits are difficult to change and break and often hinder us from obtaining a fuller and more meaningful life. Too often we see only what we want to and because of this limited vision we fall prey to futile pursuits and shallow relationships. We become dominated by a self will which too often ensnares and enslaves us.

The indomitable ‘I’s and ‘Me’s become mental strongholds of frustration and anger and our spiritual needs become overshadowed by material and carnal pursuits. The ‘must haves’ become an incessant drive to obtain things for which there is no express need other than to gain another possession.

Then there is always that something new and better that comes along and our ‘treasures’ loose their value and the drive is on to obtain those new must haves. Where does it all end? With a cluttered life and that ceaseless feeling that there is something missing.

There is a better way. If you don’t grab onto it you will miss the chance of a lifetime. Your lifetime.

Most of us dream about a heaven on earth, unfortunately very few of us go past dreaming. We practically slave away for just about everything else, the new super mega channel stereo color TV with cable, and the satellite dish that pulls ‘everything’ in. The car of our dreams.

How about your spiritual needs? Unless and until these are fulfilled we can never be content with anything in our lives.

From whence comes this feeling of emptiness, the feeling that there is something missing from our lives? I know that I want something, but I don’t know what. How about those awful cravings, and those sinking feelings, all of which can lead to envy, greed, jealousy and the mother of all sin, discontent.

That incessant nagging, that feeling of a sense of loss, that super craving is Soul’s cry for spiritual fulfillment. The one thing that can’t be bought.

To look with new eyes and a total faith, man must first put aside the false self image and ‘open’ himself to the ‘Divine Image’.

Life is the anvil, man is the raw material, and ‘God’ is the forger. Of ourselves, we are finite, but through the Divine Will we can achieve anything.

“As above, so below” Like attracts like. Thoughts are creations of the mind, they are elemental forces (see Kirlian photography). The ‘unseen’ thought becomes manifest through positive action. First the creative thought, then the creative act following, the material manifestation. All Creation is brought about through the crystallization of Divine Thought.

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