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Terrorism seems to be producing more stupidity than fear, I keep hearing the word suspect or suspected every time a bomb goes off in America or when the words Allahu Akbar is screamed out when a mass shooting takes place.

I get to listen to a New York Mayor tell the nation that the bomb blast had no relation to the bomb blast in New Jersey on the same day. I guess the FBI could learn a lot from this Mayor.

A reporter on Fox News says the bomb  could have been a pressure cooker that someone put in the garbage can by mistake. The media will put on experts and have many opinions to tell all about something that needs no explanation except just one.

These Muslims are going to kill us unless we kill them first.

When law enforcement catches or kills one I could care less about his personal history that the media always uses to make a good story to tell. The only thing I care about is punishing him without the pleasure of giving him a life sentence in a prison where he gets to choose his food from a Muslim menu, free medical service, recreation facilities,  a TV to watch his friends terrorist activities all over the world and a Quran with a prayer rug.

Terrorists should be tried by law within thirty days after their capture and sentenced  in the same time frame. I am just a simple man and I would rather form my own opinion than letting the media doing it for me. After all, who wants to be stupid?

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