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Tucker Carlson is FOX News’ new star exposing Democrat double talk, lawlessness, and America-hating fascism as the party of the global elites.

As Rupert Murdock’s sons put their testicles in the liberal lockbox of their foolish wives, they caused the ouster of their number one commentator for twenty years, Bill O’Reilly, on the basis of false allegations alone.  They prove why men should not empower those who support leftist progressive values over American Christian values.  This descent by FOX resulted in the rise of a new voice of one who fights liberal lies with righteous thunder!  Tucker Carlson repeatedly exposes leftists through his shrewd questions that leave them no wiggle room except to lie outright in front of the camera.  His insightful and righteous presentation of American law exposes the lawlessness of Democrats as well as their anti-American policies favoring their rich donors over the poor schlubs who vote for them.  Democrats endorse illegals over citizens to supply cheap labor to their rich cronies who strive to keep them in power and keep the gravy train coming.  Taxpayers are incensed at being abused by lying liberals who tell them they are haters if they don’t open the doors to their homes to thieves and give away their wealth while Democrat fatcats prosper.

Tucker exposes Democrat lawlessness

Democrats are the party of the rich

Tucker has Richard Goodstein display Democrat double talk

Liberal Fascism vs Fascism

The difference between fascism and liberal fascism is that the leftwing fascist purists openly declare themselves to be the superior being and all others to be inferior and therefore subject to their rule.  The liberal fascist takes an opposite approach in that they declare themselves to be morally superior and then strive to convince others they are the wicked ones who should suffer for their sins – just like abusive husbands tell their wives they deserve their beatings.  They convict all others of being immoral for not surrendering their rights and their wealth to whomever liberals declare to be entitled.  This deceit is nothing more than smoke and mirrors designed to dupe the imprudent into believing they are the guilty when they are the victims.  For exampe, Black Lives Matter represents criminals who are fighting to have police not hinder them from committing crimes, put them in jail, or kill them when they start shooting.  They open the borders to illegals to import cheap labor and illegal voters to keep them in power by outvoting citizens.  They supply their rich donors with inexpensive serfs and leave citizens to fend for themselves in the boonies without jobs.  But those who do get jobs are taxed to fund housing and food stamps and luxuries for the illegals the rich pay starvation wages.  This is the Democrat slave labor of the 19th century living on their plantation once again in the 21st century.

When citizens speak out against them then they send their goons to rise up and terrorize them on college campuses with riots against their speech.  They import Moslem terrorists and tell the world they are being benevolent by helping refugees when they are, in reality, allowing Islamists to terrorize citizens in an effort to subjugate them by forcing submission to Islam – the most successfully oppressive socialist ideology in history.  This is where WWIII will begin – not with a wild nuke exchange, but with the Left bringing invaders into western nations to subdue them and force globalization for the benefit of the elites.  They are not trying to destroy their servants, but to subvert them in such a way as to make their own lives better at the expense of those who work for a living.  Leftists do not believe in America where everyone has the right and ability to rise, but only a world in which they rule.

It’s almost enough to say that all rich people are evil, but they are not.  Donald Trump didn’t run for President to make himself a multi-billionaire because he already is one.  He didn’t appoint a cabinet of billionaires who want to steal more from the people because they already have more billions of dollars than they can possibly use.  They are all self-made billionaires who succeeded in business, not leftist thieves like the Clintons and Obamas who made their wealth stealing and blackmailing rich people.  President Trump is the first man since the great Ronaldus Magnus who is striving to protect the people from their corrupt government.  He has only just begun, but is being blocked from making America safe by Democrats who want to make Americans slaves.

Sean Hannity with Newt Gingrich discuss crazed Democrat’s rage

Islamic Jihadi Terrorism – Death by a Thousand Cuts

American Jihad – Vote Fascism or Die!

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