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Financial Terrorism by John McManus: In this 1994 presentation, John F. McManus explains how the Federal Reserve and its innately inflationary policies are deliberately driving America toward bankruptcy and a loss of independence, ushering in socialism under a New World Order. John McManus is the former president of the John Birch Society.




  1. Introduction
  2. Socialism and big government corruption
  3. Privately owned central banks




Just my opinion: Many financial experts are predicting a complete collapse of the United States Dollar (USD)/ Federal Reserve Note and many other world currencies. I believe that will happen but after the global currency reset (correction). I believe that the USD/Federal Reserve Note will be devalued by about 30% to 40% when the global currency reset (or correction) happens. When the reset happens the currencies of about 200 countries will be reset (corrected). I believe that if God is going to allow this complete collapse of the USD to happen then one of two things are going to also happen: (1) the Rapture of the Church will happen before the dollar completely collapses, or (2) if God does allow the USD to collapse and the Rapture does not happen, then the USD will be replaced immediately and the entire change over from the USD to the new currency will happen smoothly and without any riots and chaos. Through the years, Americans have become accustomed to living a certain type of lifestyle, a life style above most of the world. If the international world bankers crashed the USD that would really wake up the rich and middle class and we will see the greatest revolt against the government in the history of the U.S. The U.S. Government would be overthrown. Americans have guns and millions of Americans are armed to the teeth!  If the globalists crash the USD without replacing it immediately, this is one battle the U.S. Government will not win, because the Christians will have God the Holy Spirit on our side. And no government no matter how powerful could stand against God’s people who are well armed. Of course, that is not what the international world bankers want.  Anyway, the subtitle destruction of America has been in progress at least since 1913 (creation of the Federal Reserve). I believe that the complete collapse of the USD, total chaos, and total martial law will happen right after the Rapture of the Church, and not a minute sooner. When the Rapture happens it (the Rapture) will be the greatest opportunity for the anti-Christ to declare martial law in a totally chaotic world. I don’t believe God will allow His children (believers) to go through this total chaotic event. When the Rapture happens millions of Christians will disappear (we will be with the Lord forever) while the remainder of the world (unbelievers) will endure seven years of tribulation on the earth.

Now let’s discuss Venezuela. First, “How can an oil-rich country such as Venezuela end up in an economic crisis?”

Presently, Venezuela is under martial law to keep law and order. Of course, they have to have an excuse for martial law. The economic chaos caused by the international world banker’s gave the Venezuela Government that excuse to declare martial law. However, instead of having martial law, why not arm the people! Then there would be no need for martial law. But, that is not what the international world bankers want. The bankers want total control by imposing martial law. The globalist Elites will create the excuse for martial and then impose martial law. Anyway, the situation in Venezuela is exactly what the globalist Elites (international world bankers) want in every country in the world – martial law worldwide. Martial law is total control. That is the goal of the globalist Elites.

The crisis in Venezuela and Haiti are no accident and these crises are not the result of greed or mismanagement of the private sector. Well, I guess the private sector needs to shoulder some of the blame because ultimately it is the private sector that put the criminals in public office.  And, of course, the criminal politicians are responsible for taxation, regulation, debt, and worst of all they allow the international world bankers to set up their treacherous privately owned central banks.

The international world bankers are the biggest criminals in the world, and if they enter hell, they will probably be among the worst tormented in hell. Nobody has done a better job of turning people away from Jesus Christ than the bankers have.  Remember the only reason a person goes to hell is because of their unbelief in Jesus Christ (John 3:16-18). The fact that they are bankers does not necessarily mean that their eternal destiny will be hell. That is, a person does not go to hell because they are an international world banker or a murderer or a homosexual. A person’s eternal destiny is completely dependent on their faith or belief in the Lord Jesus Christ and nothing else.

Let’s get back to Venezuela. The main cause of ruin in Venezuela, Haiti, America, or any country is central bank money debasement and not some fault in the private sector. Of course, big government is more than happy to accommodate the bankers via regulations, taxation, spending, and debt.

The crisis in Venezuela, Haiti, America, Europe and other regions of the world are planned. They are planned by the international world bankers who own and run the central banks of those countries.

In the next two paragraphs, I’ve given evidence showing that crises are planned by the globalist’s elites (international world bankers).

Dr. James Wardner wrote a book about the globalist destruction of America, and he gave it the perfect title, “The Planned Destruction of America.”

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Before I continue with this article please look at these articles from The New American.



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There are two primary reasons why Venezuela, Haiti, Europe, the U.S., and many other countries are experiencing economic problems and even chaos: (1) Socialism and big government corruption (2) Privately owned central banks.

The main reason of why Christians should oppose socialism and fascism is because socialism and fascism prepare the world for the New World Order and the anti-Christ. The purpose of Christianity is to promote and populate God’s Kingdom, not to Satan’s kingdom.

In Venezuela and many other countries with privately owned central banks, the value of their currencies was devalued sharply by the Venezuela central bank causing the common people to live in poverty and the people in government and the bankers to live like kings and queens. Plus, the Venezuelan central bank created hyperinflation by printing an extraordinary amount of money driving up food prices and everything else. Below I have given inflation rates for Venezuela, Haiti, and the U.S. Remember when paper money is printed that is not backed by gold the value of your money is devalued, and it will drive up the cost of living. Everything will cost more because e your dollar is worth less.

“The Dollar is King.” But the USD won’t be “King” much longer. When the global reset happens America’s $19 trillion national debt will be considered enough reason to significantly devalue America’s dollar (USD/FRN) by about 30% to 40%. America’s dollars are actually Federal Reserve Notes. A “Note” is a loan from the Federal Reserve. These loans are expected to be paid back to the Federal Reserve with interest. Plus the Federal Reserve can cause inflations and depressions by printing enormous amounts of paper money or cutting off the money supply. The Great Depression of the 1930’s was caused by the Federal Reserve, not the private sector. It’s important to note that since the Federal Reserve is privately owned, they (FED) do not have to act in concert with congress. The Federal Reserve only serves the will of the international world bankers and not the will of the American people. The privately owned and anti-American and unconstitutional Federal Reserve needs to be abolished immediately! Americans are trapped in this horrible satanic system. When the global reset happens the USD is expected to get devalued by about 30% to 40%. Plus the USD will no longer be the world reserve currency. SDR’s (special drawing rights) will become the world reserve currency. China’s currency and about four other currencies will be the world reserve currency. Soon, about 200 world currencies connected to the Rothschild banking system will be reset (That is: global reset of currencies). The value of the Iraq Dinar, Vietnam Dong, and many other currencies are expected to rise sharply, but the USD is expected to take a major hit and lose about 30-40 percent of its purchasing power. Actually, before George W Bush invaded Iraq back in March of 2003 the Iraq Dinar was the strongest currency in the world with a rate of 3.22 (that is: it took 3.22 USD’s to equal one Iraq Dinar). The purpose of this global reset is to revalue currencies to their true values in regard to their nation’s debt and natural resources. Recently Venezuela’s money was devalued by 30%. Venezuela is in chaos. For the better part of the 20th century and now into the 21st century America was far too occupied with building the world’s greatest warfare/welfare empire, but the American Empire will collapse. The USD will be devalued. Eventually, the USD will be replaced with another world currency. (Of course, the future anti-Christ will rule the world under a one world money system, one world government, one world religious system, etc.) Many know that the printing of paper money that is not backed by gold devalues the paper currency that people already have. Nixon officially took America off the gold standard in 1971. So all the paper money that the Federal Reserve has printed since 1971 has been devaluing the paper money you and I already have. Actually, this devaluation has been in operation since the creation of the unconstitutional and anti-American Federal Reserve in December of 1913. That is why the cost of living has increased through the years. The cost of houses, cars, food, and everything else is much higher today than it was 50 years ago. America has suffered greatly from building the immoral and unconstitutional American Empire. Precious lives of many Americans and foreigners were either lost or badly injured through unconstitutional and unnecessary foreign wars. Plus America’s welfare system has greatly destroyed American lives, families, and America. The Federal Reserve is destroying America. The Federal Reserve must be abolished immediately!


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