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I believe the restoration of America is going to depend on returning America to a gold standard and the immediate abolition of the privately owned and anti-American Federal Reserve and the privately owned and anti-American IRS. Furthermore, the 16th amendment was never legally passed. The 16th amendment needs to be abolished immediately! Please read, “The Law That Never Was”, by Benson and Beckman. Most of all America must return to God.

As I stated above the following are two important reasons why Venezuela and Haiti are in chaos.

Socialism and big government corruption

Privately owned central banks

Socialism and Big Government corruption:

Venezuela is run by socialists

Hugo Chavez (United Socialist Party)

In office February 2, 1999, to March 5, 2013

Nicolas Maduro (United Socialist Party)

In office March 5, 2013, to present


Haiti is run by socialists


The United States is run by socialists

Big government and socialism destroy the incentive for individuals in the private sector to achieve and create opportunities for others. Under socialism, there are no middle class and very few rich. The only rich people are the government and the Elites who control the government.

It is surprising to see how few people in Venezuela, Haiti, and even the U.S. understand what is really happening. Almost all their problems are a direct result of big government and central banking. The media in Venezuela has hidden the truth from the people as the American media has hidden the truth from Americans.

The biggest fallacy for Americans is, those who think Venezuela is a socialist country, also think that America is not. Actually, America is part fascism and is part socialism. Free enterprise in America is becoming more and more extinct. For decades, Americans have sought protection from the privately owned and anti-American IRS by moving their bank accounts offshore. Plus property owned by Americans in the States is under constant harassment from unconstitutional and anti-American government agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and many other government agencies and departments. Plus Homeland Security and the TSA are both unconstitutional and anti-American and need to be abolished immediately!

It’s no big secret that Venezuela, Haiti, Europe, and even the United States are run by socialists who follow the principles of Karl Marx, “Communist Manifesto” to the letter.

The U.S. and many other countries are run by fascists and socialists. Let’s look at both fascism and socialism.

Under fascism, the government is supreme and completely sovereign, and it is often run by a totalitarian dictator. Under fascism, the government owns nothing but controls everything with an iron fist. Under fascism, individuals have no sovereignty and liberty, and they are not permitted to question the government. Under fascism, there is very harsh control of the private sector. Fascism tends to lead to world government. Through the years, taxation and regulation by government and executive orders by dictatorial presidents in America have crippled the private sector and turned America into a fascist country. The EPA, IRS, BLM, FBI and all federal police,  CIA, Homeland Security, TSA, USA Patriot Act (USA Freedom Act or 2015), NDAA, OSHA, and many more federal government agencies and departments are all attacks on American sovereignty and liberty and are operating outside the realm of the U.S. Constitution.  Americans definitely live under a fascist U.S. Government today.

Under pure socialism, a privately owned private sector does not exist. The government owns everything and runs everything, and distributes everything as it sees fit. (If the government funds it, the government controls it, whether it is education, social security, etc. Socialism suppresses the will and incentive of the people to achieve.)

Socialism and fascism will help lay the political groundwork for the future anti-Christ who will rule the world with an iron fist during the seven years of tribulation.

Under free market capitalism, the sky is the limit for everybody. There is no governmental obstacle stopping the achievers under free market capitalism.

Concerning socialism greed and envy are at the heart of a socialist. A socialist hates it when someone else owns property. Therefore, the socialist is looking to steal the property from the property owner.

A socialist breaks the 8th and 10th commandments of God:

Ten Commandments List

You shall have no other gods before Me.

You shall make no idols.

You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.

Keep the Sabbath day holy.

Honor your father and your mother.

You shall not murder.

You shall not commit adultery.

You shall not steal.

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

You shall not covet.

Many believe that because the Democratic Party adheres to Karl Marx Communist Manifesto so closely, that the Democratic Party is actually the party of communism.

The Democrats have built their empire under the guise of protectionism; that is, Democrats say, “We must protect the American people because they cannot protect themselves.” The American people need to tell the Democratic Party that God is our protector and provider, not the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party needs to mind its own business and stay out of the private sector of America!

The Democratic Party and socialism go hand in hand. Both believe that the economy and the entire private sector should be run by the government to meet the public needs and not to allow profits for those who want to achieve.

As far as the Republicans are concerned, no Republican politician would dare be labeled a socialist or fascist, but yet, that’s exactly what most Republican politicians are – socialists and fascists!

Democrat politicians preach socialism and fascism 24/7 and have no fear of being labeled a socialist or a fascist.

When the policies of Marxism are put in place in any country including Venezuela, Haiti, Europe, and even the United States the people will suffer.

Please check out this article by the “Griper” entitled, “Socialism vs Free Enterprise”

Of course, the New World Order Establishment does not want Americans to think that America is a fascist or socialist country. They would prefer Americans think that America is a free enterprising and prosperous nation, and the most powerful nation on earth. Keep the Americans in fantasy land.

However, people in other countries are told the truth about America through their own media. They know America is a giant fascist, socialistic country that is involved in the political affairs of every country in the world (the U.S. can’t mind its own business). They know they can go to America for a free government handout after all, the value of their currency in their country is very low. There is not much they can buy with worthless money.  Plus they know they could not get this government handout in their own country. Therefore, they’ll get on the next boat to America for their handout. America has become the land of the great “sugar daddy.” America gives away more foreign aid than any country in the world (foreign aid is nothing more than international welfare). Plus America gives more aid to illegal immigrants in America than any country in the world.

One hundred years ago America welcomed more than 12 million immigrants through Ellis Island in New York Harbor. Back then the private sector was thriving and there was much less government interference in the private sector.

But since the days of Ellis Island America has experienced an avalanche of governmental taxation and regulation from the federal, state, and local governments. The private sector has been strangled. Therefore, many American businesses have relocated to other countries that are much more business friendly with less taxation and regulation.

Today, an influx of 12 million immigrants would severely hurt the economy. Where are these immigrants going to work? More than likely most of these people will run to the government for assistance.


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