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I am somewhat in a dither!

If everyone in Congress (if not most) is on an investigating committee, then who is representing me? I know; that is also for me, to alleviate the criminals in Government. But isn’t that like (as I have said before) like putting the fox in charge of the Hen-House? Oh, but wait a minute; we can engage a Special Council and we must expect him to be fair and non-prejudicial with and against his peers and people he has worked with and for; even though he has had so much intervention with and between them, that they all know him well enough to endorse him as the best and most honest. Now the Special Council will hire over a dozen other peers and acquaintances to assist him, all of whom are friendly with, and have worked with and for the persons being investigated. Have you got all that now?

i.e. ” ….. your Dad is having an affair ….. your Mom contacts a friend (Dad’s previous affair who she has become friendly with) and together they hire a Private Detective (the very one that found this previous girl-friend to be cheating on her husband, who was your Mom’s High School boyfriend, and since married the previous girl-friend). Well now this P.I. is supposed to be objective, but I am unsure, as he was crazy about your Mom in High School, and then dated the previous girl friend of your Dad before she married your Mom’s H.S. boyfriend……”.

It all fits together like a Jig Saw puzzle that was cut with a Radial Arm Saw.

Does that clear it up for you? Well, let me put it this way: Washington is a mess!! The “..swamp cleaning…” has been interrupted by a serious clog in the drain pipe. Now, what do you suppose causes a serious clog in a drain pipe?

So let us do whatever we, as voters, as constituents, and good patriotic American citizens, know how to do; FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY. Now I am not advocating violence, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, so let’s throw some of their “so-called” facts and actions back at them (the clogs), and maybe enough good ole’ American citizens will have the push and power to move the sludge out of the way.

Just follow the scent like a good ole’ Hound, and we will ferret them out!

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