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Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is tasked to learn how Russia and President Trump interfered with last year’s presidential election and any other related crimes.

He will soon learn that Trump is not the hacking type and Julian Assange has already indicated that Russia is not the hacker. He will also discover the other crimes.

In pursuing the leak of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) hacked information, he will also learn of the mysterious death of DNC staffer Seth Rich 12 days before that leak. That will keep him busy.

He will find out that in 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved the sale of uranium to a Russian company and that her husband’s foundation got a Russian donation. If Russia seeks a US President who is easily bribed, then Hillary fills the bill. That will keep him busy.

He will see that some election precincts have more registered voters than they have adult citizens. Is this an example of tampering with a presidential election? That will keep him busy.

There are many legitimate investigations that an honest prosecutor can pursue. We will soon find out how Mueller prefers to busy himself.

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