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. . . . . . . …not the benefit of the doubt, and not the Oval Office of this great Nation. It is not what Hillary deserves; it is more what the American people deserve. We have placed our faith, our trust, our very lives, and yes, our money, in the hands of the people we have ELECTED to represent us.  The very people we trusted and believed in.

They have betrayed us.  Betrayed us for power, for money, for acclaim. Their intensity has increased over the years as they realize what they have available to them in their elected position.  They have grown so accustomed to all the benefits and perks, that they actually believe they deserve it all.

And our trusted Media have followed right along with the flow of  “….damn the public….”. It appears they (the Media and the public representatives) feel they know what is best for us; that we just don’t understand the need for Political Correctness, for cooperating with those on the lower fringes of Society.

I am very disheartened by the behavior of our governments higher office holders, and those that seek the offices.

I refer to Hillary Clinton, and the “third party” candidates. (I will deal with Mr. Trump shortly); but the three I speak of are spinning the same old rhetoric. Oh sure, they mean to do what they promise, and they always are quick to point out the negative points of their opponents, and of the current office holders. They will do better!!!!  Well, what happens when they are elected; will they fall right in line with the old timers; do what they are told so they can achieve cooperation from their peers? Will they lie to their constituents to keep their support, to keep their vote, to keep living the good life, with the good salary and all the perks? They quickly become comfortable and set in their ways. Well, so has the public.

And our ways are Freedom, Liberty, the Constitution, The Bill of rights, and Patriotism, among many others.

Back in the day, when many Immigrants came to our shores, via Ellis Island in New York Harbor, we opened our arms to them.  They struggled to learn the language, to get work and support their families. They mostly settled with-in the same neighborhoods of others from whence they came. They sent their children to school to learn our language, our culture, and our values.  They made their children behave and not cause problems that would cause them to be sent back to their homeland. They made every attempt to fit in to their new home.

They DID NOT demand that their new government support them. They asked for help if needed; but they were a proud people, and tried to make it on their own.  And many did, without the benefit of Social Security, Welfare, or free health care. Without the help of TWO languages on advertising; two languages on the telephone system; two languages in schools.

Yes, there were those among us that displayed prejudice against them.  But that can be considered a small quirk of Humanity.  We, of course, will not all agree.  We will agree to disagree. No one is exactly like another. We are all different in our unity. That is why I believe, fervently, that a One World Order would not work on this Planet. There would be too many folks of different values, different principles, different colors, and different languages. You cannot lump in the same basket, onions with peaches, radishes with strawberries, nor ice cream with hot chocolate.

Cultures should be left to thrive with certain morays that have been passed down through the ages; giving the people something to be proud of; something to pass on proudly to their children.

The values and customs of the American people should not be changed to accommodate the new folks coming to our shores.  They come to share the coveted life that our forefathers forged for us, and men and women, over the years, have fought and died for. If they come expecting us to change our way of life, they have sadly misunderstood the entire process of immigration. The process of immigration   should include also assimilation, when one is seeking to change from their previous habitation to one they perceive to be an improvement.

The previous five paragraphs are my own opinions on what immigration is and/or should be.

Sadly, immigration has become a “political football” of immense, unnecessary proportions. For the past forty (40) years, approximately, our leaders, in struggling to get the votes of our newest citizens, have manipulated our Laws to suit a different agenda. The path to the goal of getting elected has been propagated, and/or replaced, with whatever means necessary to winning the votes of our new citizens, while ignoring all other components of the Democratic Process that we have so proudly practiced over the years.

This now brings me to the present. Hillary Clinton, with her very heavy baggage, certainly should not be sitting in the Oval Office of these United States. Too many questions surrounding her honesty, her intentions, her past actions, and the intimation of past devious events. This has given rise to one Mr. Donald Trump.  He has been known for years as a powerful businessman. A Television personality.

In campaigning for the Presidency, he has brought new meaning to the word “Politician”. In his rhetoric he has tried to appeal to the everyday American; “…the man on the street…” if you will. The Media, fearing this “new” Revolutionary and just what he will bring to the Oval Office, have sided with Clinton, fully expecting she will do away with this new upstart; this new kid on the “block”.

The race is close.  Trump is being hailed as dangerous. He is chastised for his street talk, and accused of promoting violence. He has not pinpointed his intentions as to policy.  My take on that is “…why disclose your plans to your enemies…?”.

I have always been skeptical of Mr. Trump.  Although I did decide to support him when I realized Mrs. Clinton had been so dishonest in her past, and currently in her dealings with her opponents for the Democratic Party nomination.

To sum it up: I prefer the unknown of Donald Trump, to the supposed and known of Hillary Clinton.  Her poor record of achievement, her associations with questionable people, her proximity of thought to Socialism, her acceptance of financial support from foreign countries, and her lucrative and intense support from George Soros.



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