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Now there’s a heading that’s bound to boost readership.

There is so much insanity loose in the world today that it is not given to any single human mind to keep track of it. It’s just too much.

There is, however, a common denominator to much of the insanity that we can see about us. It’s not obvious, but it’s there.

As a Christian, I see Satan, and the way we are, as the root of much loony behavior. But this alone doesn’t get us very far. It’s really not much different than just saying that people sometimes act crazy. But if we look carefully we can see a principle that Satan is operating on.

Satan has a severe case of ODD, oppositional defiant disorder. And the One he is defying and opposing is, of course, God. I first encountered this opposition principle several years ago, but I had not thought it through. It is this: What God has put together, Satan wants to tear apart. What God has set apart, Satan wants to fuse together. We can get a lot of mileage out of this.

But first, why is Satan doing this?

To state it bluntly, we were created in God’s image, Satan hates God and wants to get at Him by damaging and destroying us and His creation. Satan has in us all-too-willing subjects; and anti-Godly joining and breaking are satisfyingly destructive.

Let’s start with illustrations from the physical realm, with the atom.

God has put together protons, neutrons and electrons to form atoms. What happens when an atom is broken apart? A fission A-bomb is created; major destruction.

What happens when two different kinds of atoms that were created to be separate are forced together to form a new element? A fusion H-bomb is created; even more destruction.

These phenomena are probably at the root of the apprehension over experiments currently being conducted at CERN, where scientists are attempting to break apart fundamental sub-atomic particles. God only knows what this is going to produce.

In a more everyday realm, God joins a man and a woman together in marriage. The purpose: they will become one flesh. What happens when the man and woman are torn apart by divorce, or never properly joined? Destruction. Particularly of the “one flesh” they have created: children are devastated. Just look around. Score one for Satan.

In the area of sex, God has separated man from man and woman from woman. What happens when men have sex with men and women with women? Unnatural fusion. Sex like an H-bomb. Destruction.

On-line statistics from LGBT groups report homosexual young people to be 4 times more likely to attempt suicide than straight youth.

Greater understanding of this issue is on the way. Many homosexuals blame their internal distress, not on a violation of the natural order, but on society’s traditional failure to accept their disorientation as normal. If “society” is not the real problem, however, the suicide rate among these unfortunate people is going to rise, not fall, as society declares them normal, but their internal state remains unchanged. If changing all of society doesn’t bring relief, an increasing number will see suicide as the only way out. We shall see.

In this vein, recently (see Barry Napier, iPatriot, 8/27/16) the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has reported that 67% of new cases of HIV are occurring among the 2% of the US population that is male homosexual. At current rates, the CDC projects that among homosexual and bisexual men (HBM) the HIV infection rate will be 1 in 6, including 1 in 2 among black/African-American HBM and 1 in 4 among Hispanic/Latino HBM. Unnatural, anti-order fusion brings destruction.

The establishing of unisex bathrooms and showers is an attempt to fuse (and de-moralize) the sexes. Further efforts to fuse the sexes have reached a new height at Princeton University, and are spreading. Rev. Austin Mills has reported in iPatriot (8/23/16) that Princeton Uniperversity (my misspelling) has instituted a policy of expunging the word “man,” and derivatives thereof, from the English language on campus! Admit it. This is just plain nuts!

If the word “man” and it derivatives have got to go, then so does the word “woman” – out of man. What will we then be left with? fused, confused, dehumanized, sexless “persons.” Satan is destroying God’s creations in every way possible.

In the realm of art, the fusion principle manifests itself as the grotesque. In Philippians the Bible admonishes believers to pursue just the opposite, focus on things that are true, pure, lovely etc. Grotesque art is ODD art.

Having a common culture with common values, common language, common government and common history gives people something greater than a snowball’s chance in hell of living together peaceably. This is God’s set-up in the bible. So what does Satan want to create today? A fused “world without borders,” bringing together mutually incompatible cultures. The result? Watch Western Europe.

Returning to the scientific realm, consider the field of biology. The traditional intellectual attempt to blend (fuse) the species is known as Darwinian evolution. Even the erroneous notion of Darwinism has been tremendously destructive – see eugenics and Hitler.

Today, real biological fusion is upon us in the form of genetic engineering.

Chimera [ki-meeruh]

Biology An organism containing a mixture of genetically different tissues, formed by processes such as fusion of early embryosgrafting, or mutation

This is as pure a case of fusion as an H-bomb.

Here is an eerie experimental result.




How long until things like this start being done with humans? With Photoshop and CGI, young people are already being prepared for the grotesque. As the saying goes, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

So, the next time you see something nuts-o happening, try to identify it as either upsetting God’s natural order of things at a basic level by tearing that order apart, or attempting to fuse fundamentally separated things together. This won’t help you stop it, but I have found my “freak-out” level to be greatly reduced by having at least an understanding of what the hell is going on.

Of course if you can’t accept a Christian frame of reference, this article will be of no help to you. Indeed, it probably will only make matters worse, being itself another example of crazy. But a view that makes sense out of the seemingly unrelated and senseless should not be rejected lightly.

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