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So here we go again.  Another ‘Politician’ has jumped on the trampoline!  Marco Rubio has taken the leap back to running for Congress. (surprise~surprise) They seem to hop up and down, back and forth, constantly changing their mind.  What are we supposed to believe with these “waffling” folks; these people who cannot make a commitment and stick to it?
In D.C. the lobbyist’s stroll up and down the aisles of our Capital Building, (provided by our Government (for a rental fee I hope), seeking buyers for their offerings.
The very fact that they are allowed in any building owned by the American taxpayers, with the hope and intention to buy favors at the expense of the American Taxpayers, is a slap in the face to us, and the highest form of betrayal I have ever seen.  Who, in this world, is not aware of the solicitation by these so called “legal” purveyors of cash and amenities. They are buying our representatives to have their preferences enacted over our needs.

Why do we allow this?? Why have we, the voters, allowed this to go on for so many years; accepting it as merely a fact of reality? We have allowed so much unacceptable behavior on the part of men and women that we have put in our Government to represent us, and we have only ourselves to blame for this terrible position that we find our Country in today.  Now we must put in the Oval Office a candidate with very little political experience.  But then, maybe that’s a good thing.

The crux of his experience has been on the other side of the fulcrum. Perhaps that is similar to putting the Fox within the Hen house to maintain order. The Fox will “weed” out the undesirables and allow only the best to remain in his environment. A poor analogy? Perhaps so. But what else can it be?  Mr. Trump, of whom I speak, has had many years of experience in wheeling-and-dealing with Politicians. He knows the rules quite well. And it is common knowledge of his friendship within, and during, the “Clinton” White House years. It is also common knowledge of his business experience in trades, and deal-making, not only here on our own land, but also on the International landscape.

In relating to his manner of speaking at rallies let me say this; Mr. Trump has been able to put himself on the raft with the everyday American, who is sinking within the overpowering waves of the “NEW WORLD ORDER”. We have always been a World Leader, answering to no-one; we are very self-sufficient, very proud, and certainly able to sustain our way of life. He does not speak to us with the same level of false truth, saying all the good things we want to hear.

He simply is echoing the words of the “man-on-the-street”; a “Joe-the-plumber”, if you will. He does not speak with a diplomatic tongue-in-cheek attitude.

He certainly does not attempt to be Politically Correct.  To do so would be to give us the same nonsense that we now hear from our Representatives in Washington, D.C. My interpretation of the phrase Politically Correct, would be the words of a liar, a “phony”, and a manipulator of the worst kind.

Mr. Trump, I believe, is attempting to instill in us a reminder of what we used to be, as a People and as a Country.  His opponents in the Legislature, the Media, and other negative-spouting persons, are trying desperately to present him as a brash, low level person, speaking such harshness, that he puts the “fear-of-God” in them pertaining as to how he may speak to our allies and enemies abroad.

I have much faith in his ability to get us back on track as a Republic. As far as Hillary and/or Bernie, I see only the “same old – same old” rhetoric and lies as we have endured these past eight (8) years.  There is no way Mr. Sanders can enact all the programs he is promising without putting us in bankruptcy.  Mrs. Clinton is a mirror image of the Obama years.

Be a true American; stand up for what you believe, stand up proudly and take a chance to regain the respect and admiration of our fellow people on Earth.


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