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Folks, I Will Offend as Many as Possible, Just to Know Who I Can Count on.

Adding all the pluses and minuses there is one thing and only one thing keeping Sharia-compliant Jihadists from overrunning our country…and that is the Second Amendment. Islamic Muslim Terrorists seek out soft targets because of sheer numbers…no return fire until the cops arrive after the damage is done. They love those odds. They lose one or two idiots who are willing to die anyway and we lose more…last time 49 to 1….that is the definition of terror. Take away our guns and America becomes one big soft Jihadist target, or so they think, and a cadre of Jihadists can go door to door in small town USA and behead hundreds of infidels, unopposed…or so they think. Yes Barrack and Hillary, do your damnedest to keep our soft targets soft and keep trying to take our guns. Your days are numbered anyway.
They are all overlooking one basic truth about America. Maybe you noticed; the more they talk about gun control, the more guns we buy. I predict that if they ever make the Second Amendment irrelevant Americans will be armed as we have never been armed before and women will probably outnumber men in gun ownership of small arms; I believe men will still have most of the heavy fire power. No woman in her right mind or with half a brain, wants a Sharia-excused maniac showing up at her door seeking privileges before execution.
Unfortunately Loretta never-Lynch believes that Islamic Muslims of the Jihadist bent will respond to love. So will I Loretta, show me some. I detect a deep-seated loathing for American, Judea Christian law and culture, by an administration that is willing to sweep the truth under the caskets of the recent victims and wait impatiently for the next atrocity. The Jihadists are the terrorists…they are all Muslim and it matters not where they were born. The administration, I prefer to call them the cabal, are the advance troops, softening the target for the invasion. The invasion has begun in earnest, though clandestine in their minds but the early arrivals are awaiting a signal…perhaps the election of Hillary Rotten, perhaps a declaration of Marshall Law, perhaps just an impatient order to fire the first (too late for that) shot and begin the carnage. Perhaps they will realize sooner, rather than later, that Allah has sent them on a fool’s errand and their dream of world domination will end abysmally with a cowardly retreat after a few devastating losses. History has shown that the Arab warrior dislikes an even fight and is terrified of overwhelming force, even if they outnumber their foes. Israel proves that every day. For now America is feeding their lust for world domination and Sharia excused debauchery. Count the days you wretched mongrels. You have failed to heed our warning…don’t tread on me. The tide is turning.
Our political correctness has led to our disdain for the political system. The American electorate is taking control and our tolerance has been breached egregiously. America will clean our front yard and then, mark my words, the source of our troubles will be dealt with as mercilessly as infidels have been treated by its mercenaries. The source is, of course, the sponsors of terrorism, Iran, Saudi. Quake while you can. I, America, am not a racist, not Islamophobic and no longer politically correct. I am Sovereign. I will cling to our religions and our guns and smite my enemies.
America will be great again.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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