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The United States is having a societal crisis that could be fatal! Our crisis has been caused by a number of things over a number of years by a number of people. The talking heads on TV blame everything from technology to schooling to poor parenting, some even venture into blaming our drifting away from our religious past.

I think each and every one of these reasons have had a devastating effect on our society over the past fifty years; however, if you scrape down to the bottom of the crisis barrel I think you will find that the foundational problem in our society is a lack of adolescent acculturation from birth to at least twelve years of age. Today, both parents work and spend very little time with their children, they eat at different times and watch TV (or play on their computers) in different rooms. That group of people known today as “the millennials” did not, for the most part, inherit their parent’s social beliefs or ideals because they never had the time to discuss something so personal.

Those millennials who arrived at school with no acculturation from their parents were at the mercy of the government’s liberal, progressive, socialist teachers who, even if they were not part of the progressive crowd, were being directed by scholastic elitists at the state or federal level of education. Most millennials I have talked to do not know anything about the history of their own country; I have talked to one millennial who thought Idaho was a foreign country!

My acculturation came from my parents, my extended family, my school, and my church. The solution to our societal crisis, since parents no longer have the time and the extended family does not exist, is to take control of the education system away from the federal government. Children in Japan are taught about Japanese culture and philosophy starting in the first grade; have you ever heard of a mass murder event happening in Japan? Most millennials and their children do not have a viable philosophy since they do not go to church, where most of my early philosophy came from, and they seem to have very little empathy for others considering the youth-on-youth murder rate.

If we cannot get the United States back to its religious roots we should at least get philosophy added as a required subject in our schools, starting in the first grade; it is amazing how many ideas, sayings, and philosophical similarities exist between Confucius and The Buddha, and Jesus who followed 500 years later.


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