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Trump can win in a landslide by default.  If Trump can combine union members, people who believe in the second amendment, people that carry the Bible, people who have traditional family values, people who would be killed under Sharia law, people who object to being ruled by executive order, veterans, and ones who dislike liars and scandals, Trump wins in a landslide. Hillary and Trump have alienated people in one or more of the above groups.

Issues under the radar in past elections are now open issues. In the past people could stay at home and not vote, because the issues was not of major concern. Most people are more then one  part of their being, they ware many hats.

Union membership now means almost nothing.  While few jobs have been created jobs are going overseas or just disappearing. Illegals, refugees, and guest workers  add to the mix.

Obama and Hillary are anti-gun. Gun free zones have become death zones. Guns are both defensive  and offensive weapons. No one knows what crimes have been prevented by guns.

Court appointments and executive orders are changing the social fabric of the country. We know where Hillary and Obama stand. There should be general discrimination based on race, religion, origin, or sex, as to employment or service. People should not be forced to provided private service if it is against their religion. Trump could prove to be more libertarian. The bathroom/locker room is a safety and privacy issue, not a gender issue.

Obama is for rewriting rewriting history and removing any mention of God from any place of prominence across the country. History is history, it happened. Why not look at it as don’t let it happen again or  look at the advancements we have made?

Our veterans past and present have been attacked by Obama. Obama down plays everything the country has done. He wants to take away the rights that these veterans fought for. He limits the ability of our current forces to actually fight and win risking turning our current engagements into another Vietnam.

Hillary’s personal scandals and possible Obama connection on some issues makes Hillary very untrustworthy. The House hearing, the FBI investigation, the Inspector General for the State Department report and Judicial Watch questions do not look good for Hillary. She should not be saved by Obama’s DOJ.


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