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President Obama has openly stated with his interview with Fox News Bret Baier that process is not important.  This arrogant remark is a statement that the ends justify the means.  This is the way dictators justify their ruthless advance of what invariably turns out to be their whims.  To toss out the means in favor of the ends is to say no matter what it takes to get there the journey will be worth it.  This means that building a pyramid may take a thousand slaves but the majesty of the pyramid shining in the desert and the glory of the slave master is the vision portrayed as “worth it.

The American form of government was designed to have checks and balances but we are seeing those deteriorate under the thumb of intimidation, bribery and corruption.   Simple obvious examples are the “cornhusker” bribe, the Air Force One bribe, the Louisiana “Purchase, etc.  These are dismissed by our President as unimportant as long as his march to socialized medicine is not marred by defeat.

All potential dictators operate under the premise that they will do whatever it takes to obtain and prolong their political power.  Whatever system they operate in they pursue the reach for power with a callous disregard for how the power is used or obtained.  They know that if they falter in this ruthless approach they will be a lackey for the one willing to ignore proper protocol and “win” at any cost.  The Obama/Hillary campaign was a classic example of two potential dictators vying for power.  The victory went to the most ruthless, the most willing to say anything to gain support.  Having a large class of entitlement prone voters, a sympathetic press and a gullible public wiling to believe there was a positive vision to be accomplished all helped to undermine the very essence of America.  The move to mandatory health care is the stepping stone to other mandatory actions that will socialize the country.  By socializing people will be moved involuntarily, hyperinflation will ravage incomes and supplies, unemployment will explode as government jobs increase and profit generated jobs dry up.  Innovation and technology will shrink as incentives and restraints magnify.  The vision promised by the leader will be far different from the generalized abstract vagueness portrayed in countless emotional droning speeches.

One way to insure power without the concern for elections is to build up a government controlled economy where dependency dominates and elections become immaterial.  The fact that we have elected Republican and Democrats and both spent and moved to greater takeover of private business passed by way of laws and edicts all consistent with the aims of socialism.  What good does it do to vote if the result is more of the same no matter who is in office.  This attitude opens the door to the ruthless and the despot who will recognize the path has been cleared by a predecessor mouthing freedom and imposing controls on individual freedom.

The poison pill is compounded by the words “reform” and “bipartisan.  Reform is a loose term that can mean most anything but in today’s context it means more regulation. Bipartisan means that consensus is the criteria and principle is secondary.  Yet these two words are the backbone of the push to legitimize the grip of government.  All this fits well with the leader who endorses and grabs for power to control. What is the power grab for?  It is an end in itself for the despot.  To be the top of the heap grand pooh bah to do as they wish in front of intimidated crowds is the finale.  Whatever whim ( which is usually a failure of a previous despot) happens to hit is the focus until it becomes an “achievement” then it is on to the next whim.  This roving activity shows only a lack of purpose and principle.  Like a child in a toy store the actions are random and destructive.  A mandate to rule is an open invitation to chaos.  Respect for process and protocol diminishes this rampage to conquer.  It is the recognition that reason and persuasion are the process components that will prevail.  It is the recognition that other opinions and ideas matter in the search for truth.  You will notice a tone deaf response to questions in the current leader.  You will notice a dismissive attitude of controversy and confrontation.  President Obama has openly stated the debate over health care is over.  Both sides have been heard.  This is simply not true.  We have not heard the arguments for private health care without government mandates and entitlements, the role of open and free competition, the value of individual initiative and the failures of government “businesses” throughout history.

The America of today is facing a major turning point in its history.  Are we willing to forfeit process and protocol for the arbitrary whims of a potential dictator?  If we bow to this stance we are only inviting the next level of iron-fisted monster to push for control of more and more as he has seen the resistance is weak. As the movement in the 1930s by despots went unchecked and people fell into the role of slaves and drafted soldiers. We now are faced with the same phenomena albeit different individuals but with the same characteristics and distain for process.  This is a distain for reason.  This is hoping to substitute faith ( i.e. unquestioning belief) for analytical calculations concerning the viability of an idea.  This is ignoring the means ( i.e. the dollars) in favor of the glory of conquest of whims.  The issue is far more grave than most Americans suspect.  To most Americans socialism is merely a word but it is far more.  It is a way of life where prosperity is only possible as a political favorite which is transitory.  It is a world of shortages and dependency.  It is a world where private visions are sacrificed for public entitlements. It is a world of slaves and masters.  It is a world we fought to prevent.  It is a world our veterans fought and died to prevent.  The beaches of Normandy were laced with the blood of those who wanted freedom to endure.  Now we see the decedents of these heroes apologizing and desecrating their memory by compromising into the world of socialism.  We asked how could the German people have stood by and done nothing.  Now we know.

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