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US President-elect Donald Trump commented on the statement of Russian leader Vladimir Putin about the defeat of the Democratic Party and its candidate Hillary Clinton on the elections in the United States.

“Vladimir Putin said today on Hillary and the Democrats: “In my opinion, it is humiliating. One must be able to lose with dignity.” So true!

– Trump tweet from Friday.


On December 23, Vladimir Putin at a large press-conference expressed the view that the current US Administration humiliates their dignity, looking at the side of the perpetrators in the defeat of the Democratic Party in the US presidential election. “By the way, three electors voted against Mr. Trump, and four – for Mrs. Clinton. And here they [democrats] again lost; they are losing on all fronts and are looking for the guilty on the side. This, in my opinion, just, well, how to say it? It degrades their dignity. You must be able to lose”, – RIA Novosti quoted Putin.

The Russian leader also said that he is not inclined to attribute the liking of a large part of the Republicans for himself. “In this case I think this means that a large part of the American people are having the same ideas about how the world need to work, what we should do, where our common dangers and problems”, – he stressed.

In response to a reporter’s question about how he assesses his influence on events in world politics, including Brexit and elections in the United States, the President of Russia noted that the Democratic Party of the US is trying to blame all their failures to external factors. “We know that the Democratic Party has lost not only the presidential elections, but the elections to the Congress, where Republicans have majority now.”

Putin then joked: “Is it also our job, I did it? And then we had a feast on the ruins of the XVII century Chapel which we also destroyed,”– he said laughingly, making reference to the joke from “Prisoner of the Caucasus “once popular Soviet comedy.

By asking the question, journalist said: “In his farewell press conference, your colleague, Barack Obama said that 37 percent of Republicans sympathetic to you and Ronald Reagan, if he knew, he would have turned over in his grave.”

Putin replied that “they certainly would not better touch the dead, in vain would not have mentioned their earlier figures … I do not know who would be turning in his grave. I think Reagan would be glad to know that the representatives of his party won everywhere and be happy for the President-elect, who subtly sensed the mood of society and to work in this paradigm … He walked to the very end. Although nobody believed, except for us, then he will win”, – Putin said, and grinned.

Washington has repeatedly accused Moscow of interfering in the presidential campaign in the US to help Trump to win the election. The Russian authorities have consistently denied such allegations.


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