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How can a tax cut help the economy when it doesn’t reduce taxes?

If you don’t understand this it is no surprise as the leftist media has propagandized this bill as the end of the world in which people will become destitute while the rich become Hugo Chavez.  How can government continuing to take the same amount in taxes from the economy boost production?  How can Republicans say they are cutting taxes when tax revenue is not projected to be less?  Rates are being cut, but deductions are being reduced.  The greatest change is the reduction in the corporate rate that will help businesses that are paying exorbitant taxes causing them not to grow.  Democrats believe only the rich got the tax cuts and the middle class must pay for it, and the deficit will increase by $10 trillion dollars.  They even claim that this tax cut is just for Trump and his family and screws the nation.  Unlike Chavez Trump already is a billionaire and his family isn’t trying to suck up America’s wealth like the latest socialist dictator did to Venezuela.  The Left is not reporting the news, they are propagandizing without any sources, just their black opinions when they are not the ones personally profiting from taking taxes.  Rush Limbaugh illuminates Democrat’s dark pessimism:

Headline: Pelosi Bails on Tax Cut Protest After Only Handful of Activists Show Up.  “Now, wait a minute.  If we’ve got a Monmouth University poll that says 47% of Americans oppose this, why can’t the Democrats find any protesters? …And yet with Obamacare… and all of this madcap, irresponsible spending created an organic movement out of nothing called the Tea Party.  The left can’t even pay a bunch of ragtag protesters to show up and protest this.  So what’s going on?  Is the polling wrong [or more likely a lie]?  Could it be that 47% of the American people do not oppose this?”  As Rush points out, why wouldn’t half the population be against a tax cut when 100% of the news they hear is fake news about how Trump is destroying the country and the world because they refuse listen to the 10% on FOX News that is telling the truth of how much good he is doing?  Instead of hearing about how the economy is booming and taxes are going down they are distracted by Mueller’s phony Russia investigation.

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$10 Trillion dollar deficit using liberal math

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First off, since when are Democrats, who assisted Obama in posting multiple trillion dollar deficits without even passing a budget for six years, concerned about the deficit?  Democrats have always run much higher deficits than Republicans ever dreamed of doing.  Obama added $10T to the National Debt in just eight years!  Fully 95% of the National Debt belongs strictly to Democrat’s insane spending.  Their projection for Trump adding $1T to the debt is based on ten years of stagnant economic growth.  How this becomes $10T is only the delusion of liberal minds because they can’t do math always multiplying by a factor of ten.  (Reminds me of Moslem historians who always state their armies killed ten times more Crusaders than were even at a battle.)  Why is it that Obama and the Democrats always use ten years as their financial model when they can’t predict what the economy will do in one year?  It’s like their global warming predictions that the planet will flood and all life on Earth will end in sixty years unless Democrats get all your money.  Since Donald Trump was elected Democrats predicted that Wall Street would crash and burn and instead the Stock Market has skyrocketed like never before without one penny of federal welfare!

Truth and Lies about Trump’s Tax Plan from Democrats

Why does it matter to you if the Stock Market rises and all those rich people make more money?  First off, it’s not just rich people who invest.  It matters for the same reason that the corporate tax rate is being reduced to make America competitive with other countries of the world.  More profits mean more investments and more company growth here in the USA, not that rich people will put more money in their mattresses.  It means more money is used to grow companies and bigger companies pay bigger salaries.  Ford producing cars in the USA instead of Mexico doesn’t pay hamburger flipper wages, and flipping burgers is not meant to be a career, contrary to what Democrats believe.  As more people earn higher wages the tax revenue available becomes greater.  It is always at this point that Democrats promise the sun, the moon, and the stars to foolish, young, greedy people who elect them and watch as they confiscate as much wealth as they can on the false promise that it will make the lives of deadbeats better then blame Republicans.  The difference between capitalism and socialism is that the former promises people the ability to rise in income to the best of their ability with the promise of keeping the fruits of their labor, while the latter promises to take from those who make more and give to those who make less.

Reaganomic capitalism vs. Obamanomics socialism

  • “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.” – Liberalism
  • “Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” – Conservatism
  • “Give him someone else’s fish and he’ll vote for you.” – Democratic Socialism

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” – Winston Churchill

“The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.” – Rush Limbaugh

This tax cut for corporations will do on the business side what Reagan’s reduction of income tax rates did for people on the individual’s side.  What liberals do not understand about taxes is that it used to be that all taxes used to be acquired only from business and land ownership.  Businesses paid taxes by charging more for products.  The people didn’t see the tax increases, only the price increases.  When Democrats began the Income Tax in 1913 it began double taxation – taxing money when you make it and again when you spend it.  What was once 7% taxation became over 40%.  And with blue state Democrats taxing land and sales even more the people in those states are paying over 50% in taxes.  Democrats in Congress offset this confiscation of wealth by subsidizing them with taxpayer dollars from other states.  The SALT (State and Local Taxes) in Democrat controlled states is only benefitting the Democrat elites, while their states are deteriorating.  California even lets their state burn as their new normal, while Illinois allows gangs to run rampant in Chicago streets, and New York keeps the drug trade and illegal immigrant invasion alive.  If their citizens want lower taxes don’t move to red states and stupidly vote for Democrats (read the definition of stupidity).  Try voting Republican in your own states and oust the corrupt Democrats you’ve been foolishly supporting with your labor.  All they’ve given you is their empty promises of making you prosper by taking your money.

Democrats say, “The rich got richer and the poor got poorer” under Reaganomics trickle-down.  No they didn’t.  The nation’s economy grew both the rich and the middle class incomes.  The only reason the poor got poorer is because Democrats kept importing more poor people from third world countries.  They keep claiming Republicans ship jobs overseas for cheap labor, but that argument dries up in the wash of the cost of shipping products back to America.  What they get is lower corporate taxes, i.e. governments that aren’t stealing away more of their profits.  Instead, Democrats import cheap labor to replace American workers so they don’t have to pay as much.  The lie that the middle class pays for tax cuts is seen in the rise of the middle class’ standard of living which rose immensely.  In 1980 people had a couple of TVs, a wall phone, and gas guzzling cars.  Now they have multiple LED HDTVs and cell phones, computers, and the Internet.  You want to see your income go way up instead without the spending – then disconnect your cable, put a phone of the wall, watch TV off of antennas, read the newspaper, and stop whining about not having enough money.

This isn’t a tax cut per se, but it is a shift of the tax burden to blue states that have been profiting off of the rest of the country that will not see any cuts, hence their objection.  And what’s wrong with that?  They voted for those high state taxes.  They always say that everyone must pay their fair share.  They contend that tax cuts must be paid for because government cannot do with less.  Pay your taxes and be proud of your patriotic contribution to your country!  Instead they are plotting how they can make their state’s taxes into charities or not pay federal taxes so they can continue to cheat the rest of the nation.  Taxes, according to Democrats, are to be stolen from the rich and given to the poor, while according to Republicans they are to be used to keep America safe and functioning with properly run and maintained infrastructure.  They are not to make Washington elites wealthy as Obama did over the last eight years.  Donald Trump is returning wealth and economic prosperity to where it belongs – the private sector.  The dirty little secret that liberals have no understanding of is that government doesn’t provide anything for the people that is not paid for by corporations, businesses, landowners, and working taxpayers.  Let’s see how high their Russian fantasy flies when economic growth tops 4% and flushes Obama’s new economic normal down the toilet!  The Stock Market rise was not due to Trump giving Wall Street $800B in taxpayer welfare as Obama did for eight years, but strictly to Americans having hope that government isn’t going to steal away their wealth.  Trump’s greed is a fantasy delusional of dysfunctional liberal minds projecting their own greed on him.  Try as they might the liberal media can only fool the people who are so ignorant that they can be fooled all of the time.

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