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For the invisible things of him since the creation of the world are clearly seen, being perceived through the things that are made, even his everlasting power and divinity; that they may be without excuse -Romans 1:20 (ASV)

Injustices are not catastrophes. Not even longstanding injustices. Especially longstanding injustices. Because catastrophes by definition are unexpected, larger than life, generationally rare one-time events. Catastrophes are not found hidden among trends, well established conditions, nor long held traditions. Catastrophes are specifically unique. Injustices are Status Quo. So when faced with an injustice, call your congressman, not 1 (800) PRO-TEST.

Slavery in America was not a catastrophe. Jim Crow in the South was not a catastrophe. Poverty targeted by LBJ’s War on Poverty was not a catastrophe. White Privilege as demagogued by BLonlyM is not a catastrophe. The four forms of slavery spanning highly physical to purely mental, all intended to keep Blacks on The Plantation, away from mainstream society were, are simply mind control productions of ambitious politicians and like-oriented citizens. So call your congressman or retain a lawyer whenever you hear, “It’s a catastrophe!” Don’t run into the street, block traffic, throw benches through windows, or burn down businesses that are major blessings to your neighbors, the very neighbors you claim you’re defending and representing.

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We don’t know very much. Not really. Objects and events we see with our own eyes, upon reflection, are not always what they seem. Let’s say you are one of two individuals that witnessed a car accident from start to finish. You observed a red four door sedan with only a driver leave the scene. The other bystander saw blue, plus a passenger. An officer takes down your testimonies. Later a traffic judge weighs your credibility against the other’s, along with other evidence gathered at the scene, especially paint samples. He discards red, accepts blue with a passenger. Oh well. At least you agreed on four doors. Sometimes it takes a traffic judge to inform us, to grant our knowing some concreteness.

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Like a traffic judge we weigh events we see, hear, touch, smell, and taste also. But what about accidents we don’t witness? that we might hear about much, much later? “Such and such happened.” Not having seen it ourselves we might request a police report; question drivers, passengers, witnesses; and check with forensics. We might ask ourselves: “Could the accident have happened as each individual described?” “What do the four or five individuals agree on?” “How do their observations differ?” “What might explain why some or all of them saw things differently?” Perhaps Twenty Questions won’t satisfy, round out an entirely clear picture of why who did what when to who or whom where.

And what about God? Isn’t He like an “accident” we haven’t witnessed ourselves? Romans 1:20 states our five senses are all we need for physical proof of His existence. Plus we need the tools of scientists and capacities of a judge or jury to weigh all the physical evidence close at hand and far, far away.

And what about catastrophes? Aren’t catastrophes like an “accident” we have not witnessed ourselves? but have been told about by politicians and media sources that based their stories on unnamed sources? Honestly. Catastrophes are as elusive as God is invisible. And both are potentially proved or disproved with five senses, scientific discovery, and judicial prowess. It’s not hopeless. Both can be known; if, that is, one goes to the trouble of finding out for himself or herself the realities of each.

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