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Trumping Hillary in the second debate, The Donald brought the fight back to Clinton, brushing off her smears and body slamming her on the policies she shares with Obama.

This was a debate everyone should watch in full rather than just listen to all the sound bites the media pulls.  It was another example of how the moderators side with Democrats and NeverTrumper GOP turncoats to attack Trump.  But what was on great display throughout the night was that Hillary had nothing good in her record on which to run except that she has a record, and that Donald is not the unstable person that Democrat smears portray, but has the good sense needed to take America in the right direction.

Obama and Hillary have taken America to the edge of the cliff.  Now it’s up to the American people to decide whether they want to jump off with them or turn around with Trump.  Globalism or Americanism, tax and spend or fiscal responsibility, foreigners for cheap labor or citizens with jobs, jihadis running rampant or crushed.  Obama is fighting the Russians to keep the Jihad alive, smearing Trump for being willing to ally with them against the Islamo-Nazis.  It’s not like anyone has forgotten WWII when FDR allied with Stalin to defeat Hitler.  Democrats have recreated the conditions of the 1930s and America is paying the price.  All they have to offer now is more of the same while smearing Trump as a womanizer.

Sexual harassment

Trump’s language was inappropriate in public, but not in private, while Clinton’s actions are criminal.  Making public that audio/video that was made secretly in private was more wrong than Trump’s language of which all men and women are guilty.  How would you like it if someone made public a video of you masturbating or doing your morning toilet?  The “holier than thou” Left believed they had a winner, whereas they have striven to make criminal actions made public unusable in court if not obtained by a judge’s order.

Leftists say Donald Trump has sexually assaulted women.  Trump has been around thousands of beautiful women for decades and not one has ever so much as accused him of being sexually inappropriate with them.  Bill Clinton, who has been accused of everything from sexual harassment up to rape and pedophilia, liberals hold as innocent.  In their twisted morality they say Clinton is innocent because Hillary has destroyed his accusers and corrupted the law keepers to make sure no charges were filed against him.  They condemn Trump as talking “nasty” about women, while they cheer for Bill who has bragged about his assaults and says, “Hillary has eaten more p*ssy than me.”  It’s a sickness of the liberal mind when the hedonists try to teach Christians morality, and deluded when those who claim to be Christian join with the atheists in defending perversion and abortion.

Law, Syria, and Benghazi

Hillary says a man with Trump’s temperament should never be in charge of the law.  Trump replied, “Because you would be in jail,” to an eruption of cheers.  The Obama regime has launched an all-out war on police, backing the criminal terrorist movement of Black Lives Matter.  As for Clinton, everyone knows that she has violated the laws, not only in protecting her husband from sexual assault charges, but in violating National Security and then attempting to destroy the evidence while under investigation.

She and Obama have been the architects of unleashing the New Jihad on the world by assisting the Muslim Brotherhood in overthrowing their governments.  They say they did it to “free the people from dictatorial regimes,” but Ambassador Stevens found out differently when they sold him to the jihadis in Libya.  Hillary wouldn’t send him any security for which he begged in over six hundred emails, nor would Obama make any rescue efforts when he was attacked and murdered by the same jihadis that Obama and Hillary helped to overthrow Qaddaffi.  The only reason ISIS exists is because they pulled all American forces from the region and armed them to overthrow Syria’s Assad.  Now that the Russians are helping Assad in their efforts to stop the Jihad, Obama and Clinton smear Trump as a Russian sympathizer to keep him from allying with them to crush the Jihad.

Moving Forward

Hillary said, “When they go low, you go high,” referring to Trump’s attacks on her.  The woman whose campaign has not just taken America into the gutter, but into the sewer in her attempts to smear Trump appeals to the decadent Left.  Democrat’s “high” is to reach up to the gutter.  Trump offers a restoration of America in which all people prosper as they did under the leadership of Reagan and Gingrich.  People choosing to follow Democrats have always resulted in great losses.  Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Carter, and Obama have all led America into decline and desperate times.  This is a failure of America’s education system and something that it will take good parents to overcome.  Obama and Hillary are grooming America to submit to Islam and establish one party rule.  Trump is the card on which no one in the corrupt Washington Cartel of Democrats and their RINO allies expected, and it’s time the people got a leader who would work to stop their corruption rather than expand it.

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