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Let everyone sworn to preserving western civilization and nationalism understand: “Nationalism is forbidden in Islam. Muslims should be united as Muslims. Under the flag of Tawheed. Not under man made flags that divide us.” It is also permissible to lie in Islam if it advances Sharia!

This is why Islam is the perfect proxy group for the New World Order globalists. As they immigrate to every country in the world – in the belief it must be done before their Mahdi can return – they incrementally implement Sharia, destroying the very nationalism which kindly, and naively, allowed them in.  And if Sharia is not allowed to root, the Divide and Conquer strategies to reduce nationalist populations still bring great delight to Soros.

Canadian main-stream globalist-leftist media accuses Conservatives of being racist, when Conservatives challenge the Jan 10 2017 instatement of Somali Muslim Ahmed Hussen as Canada’s Immigration Minister. Canadians are also “racist” when challenging Muslim-held federal, provincial and local govt. positions, as well as those Muslims gaining control over all cultural elements, including the turning of churches into mosques.

Is the accusation of racism tenable? Is it valid? The very word “racist” came into existence on the earth when atheist-communist Trotsky invented “racist” and “racism” to counter the growing opposition to his Marxist multicultural agenda flooding Europe. A recent 2016 Canadian survey shows Canadians now regret Muslim refugees. But, as expected from the Soros shills, those surveyed are considered “racist” and “Islamophobic.”  Yes, like the protestors in Germany victimized by Merkel.

Now, journey with Vigileaks for a moment into Common Sense 101. Nationalism is forbidden in Islam. But Canada appoints Somali Muslim Hussen as Canadian Immigration Minister. Will this not insure Canada as a nation is sure to be destroyed? Of course! When the Islamic demographic reaches 51% federally, provincially, and locally in Canada, anti-nationalist Sharia Law proudly controls under the flag of Tawheed!

Canadian Immigration Minister, Somali Muslim Ahmed Hussen, proclaimed Jan 29, 2017, that Canadian permanent residents from the seven Muslim-majority countries “targeted” by President Trump’s US travel ban, will still be able to cross the border. Oh? The Soros Human Rights-minded Hussen has authority over President Trump?

Ahmed Hussen, formerly the president of the Canadian Somali Congress, told the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security in 2011 that recruiters focus their attention to women in Somali communities in Toronto and Ottawa. Oh? And now these can come and go over the US border as they please? President Trump’s travel ban is to be ignored?

Of course, any dialogue between Hussen and U.S. Homeland Security is political theater at its finest. At that time, Cairo-born Muslim Abdel-Hafiz was a homeland-security advisor to Barack Obama. It was the Muslim Abdel-Hafiz who publically said, “A Muslim doesn’t record another Muslim.” Then why is Hussen so perfect for Canadian Immigration Minister? What else could possibly be the paid duty of a Canadian Immigration Minister but to vet and record Muslims who attempt to immigrate?

Indeed, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, vowed to defend Islam from Americans.

For years, ISIS has not only recruited male and female Somalis in Toronto and Ottawa, but in Calgary and Edmonton! A suicide bomber killed in Iraq was part of a wider Jihadi base in Calgary! In Edmonton, Mahamad Accord revealed “Somali youth are recruited to become ISIS front-line soldiers at an alarming proportion,” Accord says in his letter to Harper. In Montreal, in one day, ten teens were arrested when suspected of wanting to joining the Islamic State group in the Middle East…

Worldwide, Canada has the second-fastest growing Muslim population! The Muslim population of Canada will increase by at least 183 percent — i.e., 10 times faster than the general population. One focal point is Calgary; it’s the fastest-growing Canadian city, and its Baitunnur Mosque is the largest mosque in North America.

Many mosques are reported to have been built with weapons caches beneath…

The Islamic State has recruiters all over the Western world seeking out new members though social media or known jihadi supporters in Canada, Britain, the U.S. and other largely non-Muslim nations. The militant group’s sophisticated media center is a vital part of spreading their message: Join us or die.

For over ten years, Muslim terrorist training camps are active in Canada! Just outside Ottawa, one is in the Madawaska Valley in Combermere, Ontario. First discovered in 2006, surely by now all particpants have their Canadian permanent residency status! And they will never be challenged by Muslims in govt. like Hussen because “A Muslim doesn’t record another Muslim.”

Most Canadian ISIS recruits are being targeted online and are often “social misfits” who sometimes come from troubled families. Now that America no longer controls the Internet, this activity will rapidly increase! Courtesy of Obama, the Internet tool is becoming weaponized!

But while Canadian and American nationalism is forbidden by Islam – and while “A Muslim doesn’t record another Muslim” – Canadian permanent residents from the seven Muslim-majority countries “targeted” by President Trump’s US travel ban, will still be able to cross the border, as a nationalistic border to the Muslim Immigration Minister is forbidden in Islam.

America! Wake up! Wake up!


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