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Just a few short months ago the Democrat party was on top of the world. Poll after poll and pundit after pundit predicted Hillary Clinton would be the next President of the United States of America. It wasn’t a question of IF Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump, it was how bad will she beat him. The Democrats were so confident that Trump not only would lose the general election by a electoral landslide of historic proportions, the negative Trump effect would cost the GOP control of the Senate and the Dems would have a sizable net gain in the House of Representatives. Unfortunately for the Democrat party, neither happened. Trump won 30 out of the 50 states, including winning states that have historically been iron clad for the Democrats by taking Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and the Republicans maintained majorities in the House and Senate, giving them control of all three branches of Government for the first time since 1929.

One would think a electoral woodshed moment like this would call for a moment of introspection, and convince them to attempt some sort of outreach or reconciliation with the disenchanted moderates and working class of their base, and the moderate independents that in the past voted Democrat. Judging by the Democrat party’s behavior since election day, they have no intentions of trying to woo  back the moderates that defected from the party in 2016, and they stand a very good chance of losing the massive numbers of the middle of the road Dems that remained faithful last election.

Moderate Democrats and Independent swing voters are just as mainstream as most conservatives. They work hard, and are patriotic, they expect the Government to work for them, and despise politically motivated obstructionism, especially the type the Democrats in Congress are embroiled in.

The majority of moderates are the so called “blue collar” Democrats, who have been devastated by unfair trade agreements and the hemorrhaging of manufacturing jobs. They believe in the Constitution and American exceptionalism. Even the many moderates that didn’t vote for Trump, believe that he won fair and square and that he’s the legitimate POTUS, that’s worthy of the respect of the office from everyone, especially our members of Congress. All of rhetoric coming from the Congressional Democrats,  about President Trump being somehow illegitimate, and the unhinged talk and threats of impeachment barley into the second week of Trumps term, is not the way to win back or keep the moderates of the party.

Moderate Dems and Independents care deeply about our Constitutional rights, especially pertaining to the 1st and 2nd amendments. Many live in rural America where gun rights, freedom of speech, and religious freedoms are sacrosanct. The Democrats embrace of militant groups such as BLM and the Black Bloc anarchist are more than a little problematic for moderates. The Democrat leaders have not only failed to repudiate the wave of protest violence sweeping across the country, many have embraced it as a legitimate and acceptable form of opposition.

Moderates of all stripes are not inclined to look favorably on much of the Social Justice movement  that uses identity politics to marginalize white America  and excoriate them for their perceived privilege. The Democrats insistence on creating an ever expanding  victim class for political expediency is problematic enough for moderates, but to them put the blame on white people for no other reason than their whiteness, is political suicide.

The Democrat party has made a conscience effort to  abandon the moderates in the party and the once loyal Independents, in favor of the Progressive Victimcrats and SJW.

The Democrats made a massive miscalculations about the electorate in the 2016 cycle and it cost them dearly. My prediction is the decision to cast off the moderates, the white working class Democrats, will end up being a much bigger and much more costly decision. I honestly expect their arrogance and betrayal will give the GOP a super majority in the Senate in 2018, and a second term for Donald J Trump in 2020.


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