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‘Transgender’ as Social Engineering

I have had extensive experience dealing with homosexuality (over forty years). As a college lecturer, I was the first Christian researcher to write about the true cause of HIV, even before it acquired a name (in the 1980s). For my trouble I was kicked out of my job and blacklisted. Thus, my academic career was destroyed. By whom? By homosexual activists (details are available) who could not argue their case.

We are seeing the paucity of truth, and the deterioration of critical thinking, all subsumed under a ‘PC’ mentality, whose aim is to force conformity to matters that cannot be argued on their own merit. That is why laws are used, rather than social discussion and genuine presentation of opposite ideas. In the case of so-called ‘transgender’, society is being bludgeoned into accepting it as ‘normal’ when all with a mind KNOW it is an invention of homosexuality, which was itself forced upon society from the 1970s. Both have no substance, but governments insist on making them ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’, even though people can see the obvious – they are perverse activities. In the case of transgender where people have themselves cut-up and given hormones, it is VERY obvious that it is an insanity, a mental imbalance.

Transgender: Myth made Real!

The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) claims that social stigma is “partially responsible for the staggeringly high percentage of transgender men who have HIV/AIDS” (HIV Among Transgender People, CDC Fact Sheet). 28% of transgenders who pretend to be women have the disease, which then goes on to full AIDS. That this stark rise is caused by ‘stigma’ is an urban legend, not medical fact. Homosexuality itself was solely responsible for the beginning of HIV/AIDS throughout the world, so its child, transgenderism, carried on the ‘tradition’. This is enshrined in worldwide figures, no matter how much homosexuals howl.

Sadly, as with homosexuality itself (an umbrella sexual group for transgenders), transgenders are being treated as ‘normal’, when everything within us says otherwise… but, especially in the USA, even looking sideways at transgenders is being made illegal – though most transgenders look absolutely absurd. Like the young man with a full beard who stood next to me in a supermarket, wearing a polka dot flared dress and high heels! If he had not moved on quickly, I would have laughed in derision… because this is what transgenders really need. Transgender is a farce, a myth, a laughable parody of reality. Yet, governments are intent on making them ‘normal’. They are not! They NEED stigma, just as homosexuality needs it.

I remember, when I was working in a psychiatric hospital, that homosexuals came in to be conditioned back to normality, because they KNEW their ideas and lifestyle were wrong and harmful. When we consider that millions have died because no-one has said the obvious, this escape from truth is frightening. At the start of this quantum leap of intellectual thought, beginning in the USA, gay activists intimidated psychiatrists until they dropped the mental aberration label for homosexuality, against all known facts. This then became the norm around the world… not by reason of reality, but because of law threats and intimidation by homosexuals. In a very real sense, the inmates took over the asylum. Those who know the real facts about homosexuality will understand what I am saying.

Homosexuality/Transgender Equals Disease

HIV/AIDS is not the only disease to strike down homosexuals/transgenders – there are many other fatal diseases associated with perverse sexuality; and some also affect lesbians. Homosexuals are the prime causes of HIV and AIDS throughout the world, and always have been. And at the moment incidents of HIV and AIDS are at their highest since first recognized in the 1980s (CDC, April, 2016). Alongside are other deadly diseases, such as syphilis. I am not surprised that these figures are rising, because homosexuals do not care about being infected, nor do they favor using condoms (which offer almost no protection anyway). This is highly irresponsible, and yet governments with free treatments are willing to pay millions on medications for those who deliberately infect themselves by indulging in dangerous and perverse lifestyles. They should pay for it (and absurd operations) themselves.

Yes, HIV and AIDS are now in the general population… but I predicted this in 1985 if homosexual behavior was not identified as the true cause of AIDS: the virus got into the heterosexual population by way of homosexually ‘diverse’ behavior.

In any other mass disease situation, medical authorities discover the cause. When it is found, the cause is isolated and got rid of until the disease itself is vanquished. Even though homosexual behavior is responsible for one of the biggest pandemics ever known, it is not blamed nor is it made a label of shame. In any other situation this meticulous research and activity would occur! These things NEED stigma.

Need for Truth

Yet, Obama has recently made transgender issues a priority. Again, we should not be surprised given his penchant for favoring homosexuality and condemning those who even whisper opposition to perversity taking precedence over normality.

As I found in my psychiatric work, homosexuality comes replete with its own set of mental problems, and this is to be expected. When people decide to choose homosexuality (yes, it IS a personal choice – it is not down to genetics) they automatically take on its grave risks and death. On top of that they try to induce youngsters into their lifestyle, which is a culture of death.

It is a fact of life – identify what causes a problem and get rid of it. See how vigorous researchers were when they traced the cause of typhoid, and many other pandemics. Until we are honest, if not brutal, about identifying the cause of homosexuality and transgenderism (choice), we will soon by overwhelmed by their diseases, suicides and other side-effects of living perversely.


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