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Two Republicans intimately familiar with Bill Kristol’s efforts to recruit an independent presidential candidate to challenge Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have told Bloomberg Politics that the person Kristol has in mind is David French — whose name the editor of the Weekly Standard floated in the current issue of the magazine. — href=”” target=”_blank”>From Bloomberg

French is known well for his Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, a constitutional lawyer, recipient of the Bronze star, and an Author.

With credentials like his, one most certainly must look closer at David French. A veteran of a war makes him well aware of making the choice of sending troops into combat, and how that can and will impact America. Being a Constitutional Lawyer, he can show a side other than Ted Cruz to what it means to fight for the Constitution, and to uphold those values in all decisions. A bronze star is not simply a trophy but signifies honor, courage, and a deep love of country and fellow military members. This is great for a VA that is out of control! An author gives him insight to being able to offer an oratory equal to those great speakers of recent times, but being a complete outsider of the Political establishment, can offer a fresh approach to old issues.

“Reached in Israel late Tuesday afternoon, Kristol declined to comment on his efforts to induce French to run. The two Republicans confirmed that French is open to launching a bid, but that he has not made a final decision. One of the Republicans added that French has not lined up a vice-presidential running mate or significant financial support. However, according to this person, some conservative donors look favorably on the prospect of French entering the fray.”

In Kristol’s piece in the Standard’s June 6 issue, he argued that “the fact of Trump’s and Clinton’s unfitness for the Oval Office has become so self-evident that it’s no longer clear one needs a famous figure to provide an alternative.”

French would offer a hope for a better America, with a great opportunity to opening the waves of potential jobs by simply putting a hold on current mandates and regulations by the EPA, and IRS. French can also look closely at the constitution, and give a fresh, and amicable option to the steadily increasing dilemma of Healthcare, while not using extra-constitutional measures.

Since Kristol tweeted on Sunday that an “impressive” independent candidate “with a strong team and a real chance” is now prepared to enter the presidential fray, the political world has been engaged in a fevered guessing game over whom that person might be. Be it that French was in the military, he understands the need to make quick actions, to use the best minds, and the facts at hand to make those tough decisions, whether it is the fixing of the infrastructure, to the borders, to the multitude of regulations placed upon the front door of small businesses.

Individuals who have one or more of the following six traits seen as vital for credibly launching such a bid: fame, strong commitment to Washington D.C. change, ability to make change within the political parties, vast wealth, a good orator, and elective experience. “Reached by phone Tuesday evening, French declined to answer questions about any possible run.”

While the wheels of political pundits spin their webs of deceit, we need a true charismatic servant leader who has the ability to get a game plan together, recognize that America is in the burbs, and rural communities of America. A servant leader who cherishes the words of the Constitution, the backbone, and stamina to stand up to the lifelong politicians, and the respect of all to do it with elegance, and respect.

If French is to be taken seriously, he MUST encompass the borders, homeland security, taxes, and most definitely the economy with an easy to understand plan. He must increase the military, surround himself with respected, non-criminal, and non-questionable staff. French must take on government waste, Veteran issues, and beat back the idea of socialism, and hatred. French must take on the division in America, be ready to discuss abortion in a respectful and educated forum, while respecting the Judeo-Christian heritage of America. French must have a plan to allow immigrants in while securing the citizens from terror.

If French is to take on Hillary, and Donald, he must have a constitutionalist VP who is not scared to go head on with Hillary, and Donald in a way that allows no wiggle room. David needs a Carly Fiorina to show what true feminism is, what true business acumen is, and the ability to inspire millions along the side of David.

We are on the sunrise of a new America, one with true conservative Constitutional values, that encompasses all, praises everyone, and creates the opportunity for everyone to search for their own happiness, and aspire to greatness once again.

Between David, and his potential VP choice, there needs to be an Abe Lincoln, recognizing divide needs to be healed, A JFK, who understands strength is in each citizens grasp if they chose to make America their aspirational dream, and a Ronald Reagan who can create the domineering dream of a “shining City on a Hill” through strength in military, fortitude in never giving up, and the undoubted strength to stand strong after being shot, and telling Russia-tear this wall down. We need a servant leader marching for the rights equal to each individual’s character, and not their race, or religion, and the Power of creating an ally force to destroy the terrible like George Sr. Then we need a servant leader who can involve each citizen through today’s technology, and make America the Blessed homeland once again.

David French is a potential with nothing holding him from being such a servant citizen leader, and now it is America’s time, it is American citizens to stand up to politicians, corrupt and criminal candidates, and those who vow to change America to something we do not recognize. David can be that opportunity.

If you can dream once again that your aspiration is a little home with a picket fence, a good job, a happy family, and a savings account all in the safety of America’s hands, then make the choice that will do it for you.



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