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Have you noticed the cry by Muslim terrorists calling for unity against the infidels breaks down almost immediately with inter-Jihadist fighting?  With so many factions wanting a united front and a one world religion headed by a supreme leader ( where have we heard this before ?) you would think there would be a vast coordination effort.  But what we are seeing is a ton of splinter groups killing each other and all demanding they are the true Jihadists.  This is why the cry of Jihad rings hollow.

When anyone relies on a mystical revelation to justify their status they leave themselves open to an opponent who can make the same claim.  People who follow one leader are not going to follow an opponent considered to be inferior.  The primary process in American politics has some of the same ingredients, especially since the Democrats have tossed out any ideology except the anti -Trump crusade. The deciphering of factions goes like this.  Those who have supported Donald Trump are obviously taboo, thus resurrect the fossil Hillary.  Getting a united front in order to win is what produced Obama.  Now the disgruntled are looking for another great unifier to get out the vote but hang the results.  This is the result of a party of hacks that only believe it is necessary to win elections and power and go on a redistribution of wealth campaign.  And we do not have a unified front even on a war that could be a decisive factor in whether we survive or not. This is the result of abandoning reason in the political realm.  We cannot preempt a war because we are too busy trying to project an image to the world ( whoever that is) that we are really nice and generous and we don’t want to be too harsh in our responses to killers, thugs, Jihadists and tin horn dictators. The kindly old aunt is taking over the stature of a strong Uncle Sam.  You can observe the results.

A reasoned approach could unify the nation on the war and victory. But since no one wants to define what victory consists of we get the same old tired bromide of how hard the work is and how it is a long time endeavor.  This is hogwash.  The microcosm of Israel’s half hearted response to Hamas is a perfect example of what limited warfare without clearly defined objectives of victory achieves.  A tinder box waiting for the next eruption.  Hamas was hopeful their attacks would bring in the anti-Zionists and they would overrun the Jewish state and obliterate it.  When that didn’t happen they countered that they had held their ground and they , as first to do so, were the true leaders of the coming onslaught.  But the support was only marginal and certainly the backers of Hamas did not want to follow a rag tag guerrilla band against a well trained and supplied country fighting to defend its very existence.  Jihad is a war cry but it is only an abstraction.  It is designed to cast terror into the enemy but the enemy is so broad and numerous ( and includes some of the same religion ) it is a cry akin to “Geronimo”.   It means nothing except to , ‘get with it”.

The Jihad against Donald Trump by the Democrats has the same background and phony objective.  Get everyone to hate Donald Trump and we will win by default.  We don’t have to think of any new ideas nor do we have to abandon our welfare state mentality. We are the Anti Trump party and we will win on that alone. Hamas is thinking of attacking Israel again but like the Democrats they expect the impossible.  They expect their fellow Muslims to fall into line and openly declare all out war on the West.  All out war will have two sides fighting each other with loyalty to a cause.  A bunch of thugs pledging allegiance to whoever is winning at the time can hardly be a formidable foe.  They cannot win what they cannot envision.  This is part of our current problem.  A vision of victory must have a depiction of what realistically can be accomplished.  In Iraq we turned the country over to a batch of opponents now fighting for raw power with only the objective of being in command.  Without the vision there is only Jihad ( an ongoing war that has no endpoint ).  Can you imagine a triumph of Islam without any Jihadists?  Just as the Communists promised the fading away of the state ( another bonehead hope ) and then reared a totalitarian regime, so too the Jihadists will create exactly the opposite of their “vision”.  Cohesion of vision cannot come from a roaming band of fanatics.  Random terror is not a vision but the result of a lack of vision.  You will notice how their spokesmen come and go.  Power for a Jihadist is an invitation to oblivion.  Ask Osama Bin Laden.

The Democrats also lack a vision and they can only hope by intimidation they will win the power they crave.  Watch them as they become more desperate.  Frustration and a lack of common purpose ( other than just obtaining power) leads to ever vile tactics to vent the frustration and win the power.  Instead of concentrating on what makes a better society and limiting the role of government to its proper function, the Democrats are reluctant to examine the necessity of a limited role for government (as is the current Republican crop ).  Selling a vision is the prerequisite for a world wide movement.  In a world of individuals, the importance of their rights and lives must be central to acceptance.  All else will foster rebellion and fail.

The United States and all freedom loving people have been faced with threats from Fascist regimes,  a Nazi Reich, Communist “superpowers”, roaming barbarians and the Empire of Japan.  Those threats and the attendant promises of our defeat have all been buried under the rubble of their ambitions of conquest.  The Jihadists will fare no better.  Civilization thrives on the reasoning mind and rejects the fanatic’s screams for faith.  These eruptions of pestilence are only aberrations that must be periodically demolished. As the cowboy once said, “ No promises, just fact”.


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