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Today is Flag Day!!!! Did you forget? We should be waving our flags high and mighty. We should be celebrating our freedoms and liberties. We should be celebrating our Democracy!

I have yet to see or hear any comment at all about this day, in any news item that I have read so far!

What is happening to our Country? Is there no more patriotism? Well, then I guess we should just go about our business as usual, open up all borders, let in whoever wants to live in the “ of the free, and the home of the brave…”. But I think we should put up signs all along the border warning these folks that it is no longer the “land of the free, and the home of the brave”. We are now Socialist Liberals. They will understand as they claim to be leaving the very kind of Government we have become. Isn’t that great? The world will finally be united. One world order, just as George Sokol, Obama, Saul Alinsky, Hillary, Bernie, and many, many other Socialist-leaning individuals have wanted.

It is very possible that Saul Alinsky’s book (Twelve Rules for Radicals), has become required reading in the Liberal leaning Ivy League University’s? I pose this as it appears to me that many of the followers of Hillary and Bernie are of the age group that would be, and have been, indoctrinated into this type of thinking.

It is common knowledge that many of our Universities are strongly Liberal-leaning. Do these people, the Liberal radicals, honestly and actually believe, that Socialism is the best form of Government?

In my opinion, Socialism is like a camp fire. At eight (8:00PM) it is soaring to the skies, but by day break it is barely sparking. Once you give all the money from the “haves” to the “have-nots”, there will be nothing left to support anything or anyone. The Government coffers will be empty. We will be bankrupt as a Country; our food supplies will dwindle, our already contaminated water supply will be unusable. The Great Depression of the 20’s and 30’s will look like a “boom time”.

Am I painting too harsh a picture? Am I being too negative, too much of a “doomsday preacher”?

I must admit sometimes my own thoughts scare me. But when one looks at the overall picture today, it is not difficult to feel this way.

Our Politicians are blatantly lying to us. They have totally desecrated the Republican candidate for the Oval Office because he is not one of them. He is not a Politician. He is not “Politically Correct”. I am not blowing the horn for Donald Trump. He has many faults, I agree. But his one big plus is that he is not a Politician.

He has dealt with them closely for many years, and he has made a great deal of money through his influence of them. How else would he know so much about so many? Maybe that scares them and that is why they try so hard to stop him. Perhaps he has finally seen enough. And now he is trying to make it right.

One can only hope that he, as the great successful business man that he is, will surround himself with the experts to advise him and consult with him. I understand he is already doing that. But it will be hard for him to make such a drastic change. But I have faith in those he has already tied himself to. Together they will all get this Country back on it’s Republic feet again.
Hillary has contradicted herself twice, re-twisting her own words on gun control. She has also been caught in lies about the Benghazi affair. There are many questions still unanswered about her time as the Governor’s wife in Kentucky, and about the actions of she and her husband when he was President also.

Bernie Sanders has actually come out publicly about his Liberal intentions for our Country.

An acquaintance of mine says she has done the math; even with the tax increases Bernie would have to do to support the programs he plans to put in place, and the money that they would save on health insurance with one National Policy, they would come out ahead $600.00 for the year.

That is a very liberal mindset to paint such a “rosy” picture. But I do believe that most Liberals do look at only the pretty aspect of any picture, and refuse to see the probable realities. I certainly hope she is right, but I sincerely do not believe so.

After the recent tragic events in Orlando, Fl., I have read and heard that many are beginning to support the Republican candidate, as he is the only one talking about ISIS Radicalism, and promising to do something about it.


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