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FOR 12 YEARS we have watched our country become victim to an invasion of illegals and extreme converts of Islam. Both have created a deadly mix, of killers and by disease and bullets. Former President George W. Bush began to buy into this notion that anyone coming here was gentle as lambs and only wanted to send money to their poor starving families. Deadly diseases not seen in the U.S. for multiple decades now vibrant and with strains that are immune to our antibiotics. Radicals who come work and live under the radar such as this monster that killed 43 in Orlando and 50 plus wounded, could somehow make alarm raising threats, that got a free pass by the FBI, and that COWARD president Obama, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch because WHITES, BLACKS ,LATINOS, ASIANS, AND THE LGBT persons, Christians, is completely fine as long as MUSLIMS are not offended and don’t dare speak out against them!

  The fact that  this spit on you while you destroy, maim, and rape the safety of the American people, is the policy of a government whose #1 job is the safety and defense of the United States. This Muslim Monster, was not a accident, there was and is plenty of evidence that this guy was threat, but the muslim aspect of the situation raised PC feathers in the FBI and the White House. Had this been a white male all Hell would have rained down on him and his wife and rightly so not because he was white but cause he was a mad animal that needed to be cleansed from  the gene pool!  I really dont care what you call these animals, but its time to put an end to this now! It is was past time to take care of business and RAIN DEATH AND DESTRUCTION NOT SEEN SINCE PEARL HARBOR!

The Face of this needs to feel the pain we now feel and cut off the head of the snake. Time to load up 3 B52 bombers and put Atomic bombs on all 3 and then fly to Iran and Syria and drop the Atomic Bombs on both these countries and put an end to this! no boots on the ground , no hand wringing over the loss of life, not one of them are wringing their hands over our loss and frankly im over these backward , terrorist harboring, third world dictators!  I would make 2 phone calls, to Iran and Syria, and give them 48 hours to eradicate the ISIS organizations in their countries and must show public proof or we turn their countries into waste lands! and I promise you they would , after you show them the 3 b52 bombers on the runway waiting for the go order they would be moving their butts to take care of business.

The Establishment GOP, RINO RYAN, Mitchy-McConnell, and the rest of the Republican House, and Republican Senate, and even Democrats must understand being Dead by being STUPID does not qualify you as a hero, nor someone to look up to! It makes you one DEAD , formerly stupid ,  spineless piece of garbage. And the sooner we become Americans first and then what ever your race, sex, religion or sexual preference or political party.

This is why the United States is about to get  a unapologetic , yes brash , but AMERICA first President, President Donald!


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