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(“…Mine anger was kindled against the shepherds, and I punished the goats…”)
Zechariah 10: 3

The entire World deserves the truth. But I speak today mostly to my fellow citizens of the United States of America. I pray for the day when the lies and crimes of the anti-administration folks, the Liberal Democrats and their supporters and followers, is exposed for what it is. They signal a loss of control by our Government. Our President has not lost control. He speaks bluntly, he holds nothing back; some say he is too harsh and too forthcoming. He is neither; he is just not what we were used to from the previous “Politically Correct” and non-transparent administrations. The more I see and hear, the more I applaud him. I was skeptical at his win in 2016, but now, well now I am thankful to the Heavens’ above.

Have you ever “really” looked at today’s headlines? And have you been intrigued by the words; only to read the article and feel somewhat disgusted or betrayed?

I have many times over. But I keep reading and hoping that someday I will find the headline to be indicative of the article, and finally feel like someone is out there telling the truth!

Today, I am going to spare you the headlines, and comment and opinion-ate on recent stories that seem to have made their way into the News Media. I have many sources for my opinions; mostly my own reading of News, and the trustworthy commentators on FOX NEWS. I especially enjoy JUSTICE with Jeannine Pirro; Mark Levin of LIFE, LIBERTY, and LEVIN, and Sean Hannity. The books pertaining to our current political climate, as published by many, have also afforded me the words and knowledge to shape my own opinion.

I watch “THE FIVE” only for entertainment and comments by the panel.  Although I am becoming quite weary of Juan Williams. He shows me no intelligence in his responses. He twists meanings and manipulates words, much like many of the Liberal Democrats, and the very much mislead Millennial’s. I am aware of course, that this is his job, and if so he does not do it justice. He is not convincing; he always brings Pres. Trump or the race issue to just about everything he says. Sometimes it just doesn’t go with the flow of the conversation.

That being said, I refer now to the continuous onslaught against my President. In my opinion, any insult, or degrading remark toward him personally, is a slap in the face to every American. He was voted into the Presidency by and through a system that has been time-tested, debated, and discussed throughout the years.

Of course now that the dissenters of the outcome of the 2016 election, in choosing not to accept the results, have used every immature, idiotic and ridiculous reason for their non-acceptance. They have publicly shown the true nature of their own minds with their actions and words. They have lost the wisdom and maturity to accept our President as the man, under States Rights, and according to the directive of our Constitution, that the American Citizens have chosen for the Office. They have told their Representatives in each State, of their choice; and the Representatives have, in turn, directed their vote in compliance with the Constitution.

The wisdom and maturity of our Founders in establishing this process has been lost among the supporters of one Political Party of our country, or perhaps a more far-reaching group on this Planet.

Many are the very same folks that have ignored their oath and promise to the people of the United States. They have refused to accept the responsibility of their elected office. They are not representing their constituents. Instead, they chose to perpetrate an investigation into the President and his staff; costing taxpayers over forty million dollars; with a panel of

Attorneys that have all shown their allegiance and support to the ‘dissenters’ agenda.

So many members of the House of Representatives, have also enabled their committees to investigate the actions of the current President.

Nothing has been forthcoming to prove that any ill-legal, anti-Constitutional, or non-compliance actions have been undertaken by the President or his supporters and staff. I also find it very ludicrous to accuse the President of the United States to be “..obstructing justice..”.

The entire scenario of investigating has, in my opinion, been a blight on our Nation’s reputation.

I am also convinced that the interfering into our Government and our Nation, by outside organizations and Governments, influenced and empowered these naysayers in their condemnation of our 2016 Election.

Many members of the House of Representatives have been very outspoken in this area. They make no sense.

One such Rep., Ilhan Omar (D-MN), seems to have a lot to say about abortion. This from a woman who is aware many in her home-country do not support ‘women’s rights’.

She attacks people on the floor of the Congress for advocacy of ‘pro-life’. Her words “…. I ….. defy the horrifying attacks … against women’s reproductive rights…….Religious fundamentalists are trying to manipulate state laws … to impose their beliefs on .. society, with complete disregard for ……….rights of American women…”.

What about the rights of women in her homeland?

She has been enjoying the rights, liberties, and freedoms of her adoptive land.

If she feels so strongly about this, why not take her fight home?

Return and give her strong words, her passion, and her support to the handful of her own gender that are fighting for what she was literally handed by virtue of her parents relocating to this wonderful Country.

She refers to the pro-life advocates as hypocrites. Perhaps she best take a long hard look in the mirror and realize she herself is hypocritical only of those that have insured through the years, the keeping of our freedoms, rights, and liberties that she is enjoying today.


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