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You hear it all the time, people who identify as a Democrat then specify that they are a Liberal or a Progressive as if it was a sub-section of the Democrat Party which it is not.  In reality, it’s a cagey way of saying they are a Democratic Socialist and there is nothing Democratic about it, just socialism.

Socialism is a watered down application of Communism in the varying forms of International Socialism as practiced by Russia’s communist state of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R. 1917-1991) which would have had a One World Government with Russia as its head.  And National Socialism as was used by the National Socialist German Workers Party which is the full and correct name of the German Nazi Party of World War 2, National Socialism seeks a single party control of a country.

In an effort to legitimize themselves, and as a sick joke, Socialist and Communist Countries put the word Democratic in their country’s name.   Two shining examples are the old Soviet Russian controlled East-Germany that was titled as the Deutsche Demokratisch Republik (German Democratic Republic) and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), in each case there is nothing Democratic or a Republic about them, they were and are dictatorships, socialism is nothing more than the tool used by the powerful to control the believing masses.

There is little difference between the types of Socialism, the socialist left of the so-called Democrat Party is following the Nazi’s fascist rulebook.  Using the ANTIFAC street thugs in the same manner as the NAZI Brown Shirt Storm Troopers of the 1920s and 1930s to silence the opposition with force and terror.  Under their iron rule there was no free speech, no private ownership of firearms, the total control of the press which was used for propaganda, barred those who disagreed from jobs such as civil servants, especially Jews, conservatives and the religious, controlled the schools and the students by indoctrination, and of course only one political party was allowed.

Another hallmark of the Nazis was to dehumanize groups and religion, the Nazis targeted the Jews of Europe blaming them for all of the problems that affected Germany, and that led to the death of 10 million people in the concentration camps, of those 6 million were Jews.  In total, the hell that was unleashed by the Nazis and their allies caused the deaths of over 60 million people (20 million soldiers and 40 million civilians), that is 3% of the earth’s population at that time.   Now the Socialist left has been targeting conservatives and Christians, are we watching history repeating itself.

For the Socialist, the final step to be successful is the elimination of all rights and establish the Fascist Jack Boot Police State that threatens all.

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