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Satan always desired to be like God: 21st-century technology grants him surrogate omniscience.”

What’s up with draconian New World Order Surveillance?

Vigileaks this week discovered over twenty surveillance shops in his North American city! The following is cutting-edge surveillance now active:

These companies sell access control managers. These track people, property and assets, with built-in “emergency trackers and locator systems.” They define what an “emergency” is when it comes to tracking Christians, Patriots, and Constitutionalists.

These access control managers track and record people by area using an interactive graphical map and dashboard view. Whether tracking occupancy levels or assembling people emergencies, such as martial law, these access control managers provide real-time high-definition views.

NWO access control managers provide operators with the ability to search on user-defined fields, so “security teams” can act on critical user-created data. Powerful features are occupancy and emergency trackers and locators. Visual verifications of “unauthorized activities” are activated.

Each surveillance company has its own centralized surveillance control center. Onsite, Vigileaks was shown one large church in Salem, Oregon, is monitored by a surveillance camera across the highway. The church’s activities are viewed by a surveillance control center in New Mexico.

But this is only the beginning! Their 100% browser-based control manager solutions (remember the Final Solution?) are available anytime from any location! That is, any location via the Internet! Internet fiber-optic cable hasn’t been concealed six feet under railroad tracks for nothing!

Control access management allows a surveillance system to be operated by multiple operators at the same time! As with globalist Fortune 500 companies all using Linux platforms, these open-source Linux platforms for surveillance “provide an extra layer of security.”

Remote access among multiple users is nothing less than draconian. Cell phones and iPads and PCs now have real-time Remote Access through any web browser! To view from any location high-definition camera systems, card swipe access control (debit and credit cards, as cash really is your final freedom at this point) as well as alarm systems and intercoms.

Supported surveillance and tracking IT platforms include Firefox (Surprised?) Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Linux, OpenLDAP and Certified Vmware Ready.

Supported 3rd part databases include LDAP, Active Directory, SQL Server, Oracle RDBMS, Comma Separated Value (CSV) and XML (Event push).

Supported Access Control Solutions (remember the Final Solution) include Mercury Security, HD Global, ASSA ABLOY, Allegion, Farpointed Data, EasyLobby by HD and LifeSafety Power.

Performance-driven features include Global anti-passback, Global linkages and actions, Global synchronization of access information, and data exchange between ACM and other databases, and emergency tracking and reporting.

As a primary responsibility to We The People, President Trump needs to immediately Drain the Swamp with anti-surveillance measures – to curb the unification of anti-Constitutional world government and to protect the privacy rights of American citizens. Virtual data is still private property!

The smokescreen is that these surveillance shops currently advertise their wares for “protecting” people. Of course. Just as in World War II, when the Nazis were the Protectorate of Denmark, and the Communists were the Protectorate of Finland.

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