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As I sit here, the day after the election, I am waiting for Hillary Clinton to make her speech, presumably a concession speech. The camera pans the audience and I see the sadness that is covering the room. I almost feel sorry for them but it is nothing more than their own demise and maybe the demise of the Democratic Party. We have seen, as has been said over and over again, a history making election and campaign in our lifetime. I wish that it hadn’t come to this but the people of this Country have spoken. The people that are the basis of our Country, the working class men and women who have been lost in the last 8 years of the Obama administration and maybe even longer than that, have spoken.

The last two years have been a long hard road for not only the candidates but for those of us that have been following the election and fighting for our Country. That part of our fight is over and Donald Trump is now our President elect. Our fight is not over but is only just beginning. We still have about 52 days left in this Obama administration and have to keep fighting to keep him in line before he leaves office. He can still do a lot of damage before he walks out the door. He is not going to go quietly or easily. Once he is gone, we have to continue to support Trump and continue to tell him what we as citizens need and want. The Republicans have maintained control of the House and Senate but you can bet, that the Democrats are going to continue to fight against us and our attempt to right what has been made wrong by this criminal regime that has been in place for the last 8 years.

If Trump follows through with what he has told us, it is going to take a long time to change this Country back again. Any investigation opened or continued in the Clinton scandals, FBI Director Comey’s actions, Attorney General Lynch’s involvement with these actions, will take time to complete properly. There have been hundreds of Presidential Executive Orders that have been implemented by Obama and if Trump decides to negate any of those, it will take time. It will take time to create the jobs that we need, it will take time to bring the economy back to a favorable one for the working class. Trump only has four years to do all this and then we do it all over again. If Mr. Trump runs for a second term, he might get another four years to continue his work. I hope that he is able to fight through the mudslinging that will continue from the left.

This is an opportunity, a second chance to make our Country right again. I agree with both candidates, that we need to bring our Country together. We need to close the divisions that have been opened. Hopefully, the candidates and their followers, will take that to heart and continue to make that idea grow into a Country united and not a Country divided. Our military, law enforcement, working class men and women are in need of help and I hope that Trump will be able to bring that help and rebuild the relationships in our communities again. We need to bring the jobs back to America, put our people back to work. We need to bring our media back to fact checking and reporting and away from reporting what the media owners want. The truth is what needs to be brought back into our culture, our lives and our families. We have been following the lead of our politicians, many that are criminals and that has shown that behavior has become the norm and is all right. Our moral line has been blurred and it has become OK to cheat and steal from our fellow man. Morals, principles, ideals of what is right and wrong, have become skewed and we need to bring them back to what is right.

We still have to deal with the threats and problems at hand. I hope and pray that Mr. Trump has the guidance and the men and women in his cabinet that are able to make the changes we need. We have been looked at as the world police for many years and we have failed that responsibility. If we are going to continue to be that icon, we have a long way to come back, to be that.

We are all Americans and we have spoken. I believe that Mr. Trump will do his best, to create a government again, that is of the people and for the people and not for the political party or for political gain. That is what needs to be remembered, is that we have a whole Country of many different types of people and decisions have to be made, that is the best for the Country as a whole and not for an individual.

God willing, we are now on our way to a great Country, again. The turmoil is not over yet. The fear and apprehension of our citizens is still there and will be there until Mr Trump is able to quell those fears. We can make this Country great again and I think this is the beginning of another long road ahead. Stay strong my friends and continue the good fight.


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