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Since the Bush administration, there has been an exponential rise in the number of sanctuary cities within the United States. To date, there are over 350 cities, towns, counties, and even states that subscribe to the sanctuary ideology. The ideology behind sanctuary cities is to create an environment for illegal aliens not to fear law enforcement, in order to be able to work with police to solve crimes.   This alone would cause anyone with common sense to bang their heads against a wall or do a palm plant over the stupidity of the premise.

Just what is a ‘sanctuary city’? To the uninformed, by word it is description of a Shangri-la, place of peace and tranquility…to be so naïve.   In reality, sanctuary cities are fostered by cabal of anti-democracy anarchists posing as law abiding politicians. Strong words to be sure, but, none the less, true. Sanctuary cities provide an atmosphere of security for foreign national criminals. These cities embolden those that choose to violate immigration law. These foreign criminals have not only violated immigration law, but local and state laws, as well. Many have served time incarcerated for committing crimes, and should, by law, be turned over to the Department of Homeland Security, ICE, for removal from the United States.

Regrettably, this is not the case in cities managed by sanctuary city advocates.   Instead of notifying ICE of the presence of these criminal aliens, they release them back on to the streets instead of following the law they took an oath to follow.   In fact, these cities become a magnet for criminal aliens.   In other parts of the country the law is followed…once a criminal alien serves their time for the crime committed, they are turned over to ICE for deportation. However, once they are either deported or released on bond pending a deportation hearing, they abscond to sanctuary cities. An example would be the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco by Juan Lopez-Sanchez. Lopez-Sanchez is a Mexican National who had been deported from the USA 5 times as an aggravated felon, but returned to the USA finding his way to San Francisco, a sanctuary city.

Another fact about sanctuary cities because of the anti-immigration enforcement attitude by elected officials and some public servants, Trans-National Crime Organizations and DTOs, Drug Trafficking Organizations, have taken advantage of the welcoming spirit of these corrupt officials.   The Drug Enforcement Administration has on their website a map of all the cities influenced by the various Mexican Drug Cartels.   There is also a map of the sanctuary cities in the USA.   If you were to overlay the DEA map with the map of Sanctuary Cities, you will see they are nearly all one in the same. Sanctuary Cities embolden foreign national crime, whether it be individual or trans-national crime organizations. In turn, jeopardizing the very citizens these officials were sworn to protect. Take the recent demonstrations by protestors waving the Mexican flag, destroying property, damaging law enforcement vehicles…occurred in sanctuary cities.

Sanctuary Cities must return to the rule of law, or anarchy will prevail and foreign criminals will become even more emboldened.   These public officials who abdicated their oaths of office should be held personally responsible for their conduct to include criminal charges. Yes, they are violating the law. Title 8 USC 1373 and several citations of Title 8 USC 1324, to include conspiracy, harboring, and aiding and abetting. If anything, as in Kate Steinle’s case, civilly liable for negligence.   I find it hard to comprehend a Chief of Police or a Sheriff would violate their oaths of office by allowing sanctuary cities to prevail, but then again some people have no integrity.


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