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What do “Arab Spring”, “Ukrainian Uprising”, “Syrian Refugee Crisis”, “European Muslim Invasion”,  “Ferguson Riots”, “Black Lives Matter”, “Occupy Wall Street”, “Open Borders”, “U.S. Constitutional Convention”, “Trump Protesters”, and so much more, have in common? George Soros.

Soros, the most despicable kind of human being, garnered his power and wealth during WWII when he collaborated with the Nazis to divulge the whereabouts of his Jewish friends, family, and neighbors for a share of their confiscated wealth. Sending thousands to their deaths did not bother him a bit. In fact, in a 60 Minutes interview, easily found online, he declared those days were the happiest in his life.

Considering all of those tried at Nuremberg and sentenced to hang for their heinous crimes against humanity, it defies all logic that this man not only moves about freely all over the world, but openly brags of his criminal past and ongoing conspiracies to finance chaos and destruction with impunity.

Soros is also the force behind the nationwide movement to support a “Constitutional Convention” which could lead to the complete overthrow of our Republic. In the Virginia State Legislature this fact was presented to our representatives with little concern from them. In fact, it appeared to me the fix was in.

Currently, his focus is financing the coordination, staging, and implementation of protests and riots against Donald Trump. The mainstream media is complicit in the cover-up of his conspiracies, so much so that, watching the evening news, you are led to believe these are sincere and spontaneous outbursts of rage and rebellion, rather than the carefully crafted art of an insidious instigator and his useful idiots.

Buckle up, this year, 2016, Soros-funded groups kick off his newest conspiracy to foment violence, chaos, rioting, and civil unrest here in America, most likely at the Republican Convention.


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