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When a child cries out from pain or fear, of what consequence the color, creed, or nationality of the suffering being? Do hunger or suffering honor any boundaries?

As we war one against the other, could we not as easily love? It may be too late for us, but certainly not for our children and their children. The hating must stop with us and not be transferred on to them. If they are not taught a better way, they will not have a better way. From new life comes new life. From our present their future.

To whom does this precious Earth belong? To those few pathetic uncaring individuals who would unthinkingly poison Her air and tear Her apart for their own selfish gains, or to the many individuals who would preserve Her for future generations?

The Earth is a living planetary body in space, a complex biological entity dependent upon an ecological balance upon which Her offspring are also dependent.

Industry born of greed with no eye to the future has severely affected the bio ecological balance of Nature. Acid rain, dying forests, stagnant and lifeless streams, lakes and rivers. A poisoned food chain.

Lovely and exotic creatures extinct and brought to the the threshold of extinction by the unwary hand of man who has never learned to live within the balanced laws of Nature.

Ever must man bend everything to his will or destroy that which threatens his superiority. He uses his natural resources unwisely and selfishly. He takes beyond his needs, and wastes to the bring of disaster.

It is still not too late to resist and refuse to be brainwashed into ways that we know are wrong. We must learn to see the beauty in every country and individual. We are part of a large and wonderfully unique family where the only significant politic to adhere to is the loving and helping hand extended one to the other.

We must learn to throw off the yokes of political and religious tyranny and learn to abide within the balanced laws of Nature. It is not too late to reverse this trend toward planetary disaster.

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