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There has been a lot written about these three people and their lifetime in the Democratic Party; however there has not been that much written about how different they are individually. A close look at the history of each of these people confirms that they have similar ideologies, personal interest and desires but they also have “extraordinary differences”.  All three have personal agendas and are self-absorbed. However all three are very different regarding their personal agendas, how committed they are to their agendas, how far they will go to carry out their agendas and how self-absorbed they are

Let’s start with President Clinton, otherwise known as “Slick Willy” (with good reason) by many people who liked and supported him and many people who disliked him and opposed him in every way while he was in office. A perfect example of this is what Dick Morris said about him after Bill left the Whitehouse, ”he is a scoundrel, but a likable scoundrel”. His references to Hillary’s likeability were the exact opposite. Dick Morris is a well know author and Bill’s campaign manager during both of his successful Presidential campaigns.

History will probably refer to President Clinton as one of the smartest and “slickest” politicians in American history. He is a man who always seemed to be driven, maybe even obsessed, with two things, votes and being “popular” with everyone. Throughout his political career he could, and did move to the Left or Right of center politically any time he sensed public opinion changing on any subject, and he did it successfully (hence the nick name “Slick Willy”). He did this for votes for himself and his party, but also to feed his insatiable need to be “popular”. He was truly a politician who needed to be a “people’s man”, of his well-known weaknesses is his inability to control “certain personal impulses”.

“Slick Willy” also had the uncanny ability to skirt rules, ethical standards, and even laws with little to no bad publicity or ill effects. A perfect example of this is how he created the “housing bubble” which ultimately destroyed the U.S. economy (I wrote about this in detail in a recent article, “I Am Going to Put My Husband In Charge of the Economy”). The only times he experienced any significant ill effects for his actions being unethical or illegal were when he failed to control his unacceptable “personal impulses”. And even with his blatant misconduct regarding these “personal Impulses” the American people, in general seem to have forgotten about that now.

The bottom line for President Clinton is that he did do significant long term damage to America during his time in office. However I believe history has shown that he did it for the reasons detailed above, for votes for himself and his party and to be “popular with the people”. Even with these desires driving his actions and thoughts while he was in office he never did anything to indicate that he had any malice toward anyone and certainly none toward America.

Obama does embrace the same Left leaning Ideologies as the Clintons. However that is where the “similarities” end. As a person he is the absolute polar opposite of “Slick Willy”. One of the most glaring differences is how they feel about people in general. President Clinton has a “need” to be popular with the people. Obama has an even stronger “need” to be an “Imperial or Supreme Ruler” that is on a level well above everyone else in every way!  According to Charles Krauthammer (who is an accomplished Psychologist) Obama is an extreme example of a “pathological narcissist”.  His obsessive use of the two words “I’ and “My” are text book symptoms of this mind set.

Unlike President Clinton, Obama’s ideology is extreme with no willingness to negotiate or modify his positions. He also has little to no regard for rules, ethics, or laws. He actually revels in flaunting his Administration’s total disregard for them. Three recent examples of this are the White House editing tape of a joint press conference with Obama and  the French President to remove the French President’s use of the two words “Islamic terrorist”, the State department editing out eight minutes of a video tape of a press conference about the Iran nuclear deal (they publicly stated they cannot determine who ordered that  to be done), and Obama loudly and publicly endorsing Hillary when she is supposed to be under two Federal criminal investigations. Note the first two examples are clear violations of Federal records keeping laws.

President Clinton surrounded himself with people who would give him sound advice and he had a willingness to have meaningful discussions with them about issues. Obama only tolerates brain washed sycophants around him who will endlessly stroke his insatiable ego and insist that everything he does is absolutely correct.

Obama openly has no regard for the long term damage his actions are doing to America and the world. In fact practically everything he says and does indicates that he has a deep seated and open malice toward America and everyone who does not embrace him as being a “Supreme Ruler”. He even flaunts an arrogant indifference to the Democratic Party that he is supposed to be leading, the party that elected him to the office of the President of the United States of America.

The only thing Obama does have in common with President Clinton is the appearance of being an extraordinarily gifted campaigner. However even this is completely inaccurate. President Clinton is a natural born politician and spent his entire adult life perfecting those skills. Obama is nothing more than an extremely self-centered and ideological “actor“ who is really good at reading a teleprompter (in front of carefully screened audiences)  and role playing while misleading the public about his Administration’s accomplishments..

obama hillaryTwo simple examples that will illustrate what I just wrote about Obama are the just released May jobs report and the 1st quarter U.S. GDP growth rate! There were only 38,000 net new jobs created in the U.S. last month. Yet the Obama Administration proudly announced that the unemployment rate dropped from 5 per cent to 4.7 per cent at the end of May! This is so absurd that it is insulting (read my previous writing, “What is the Actual Unemployment Rate in America?”). The U.S. 1st quarter GDP growth rate was only .005 (one half of one) percent yet Obama continues to loudly proclaim what a great job he has done with the U.S. economy. In my recent writing, ”The U.S. National Debt Versus GDP Crisis” I detail how much long term damage the Obama Administration has actually done to the U.S. economy..

Here are two quotes from Obama that also illustrate what I wrote about him above. One is what he publicly said to John McCain in one of the very rare partisan Whitehouse legislative meetings he hosted during his first term, “Elections have consequences. I won”. The second is when he was reelected. He publicly said, “Now we will reward our friends and punish our enemies”.

And last but not least we have Hillary, otherwise known by many people as the “devil”. On the surface she does pretend to embrace her husband’s ideology and love for people. However a careful look at her history reveals that her nickname, the “devil” is well deserved.

Like her husband, Hillary moves to the Right or Left of center regarding her policies. However, unlike her husband, she does it more often then she changes her pant suits. is obvious to the most casual observer that she is doing that purely for political reasons. This makes her the opposite of her husband regarding her ability to be an effective campaigner.

Unlike her husband Hillary is not a people person. In fact she is one of the most unlikeable and anti-people individuals imaginable. She is so nasty toward people around her that being assigned to her Secret Service detail is considered to be a form of punishment. People on her staff or Secret Service detail who make the mistake of saying “Good Morning “ to her in private are usually subjected to a harsh “F… Y….” (According to a number of internal sources she regularly uses the “F” :word in private).

Hillary does resemble Obama in her desire to surround herself with brain washed sycophants. However she is such a poor “people person” that she is not as effective in accomplishing this as he is.

Hillary also resembles Obama in her total disregard for rules, ethical standards and laws and her tendencies to be a “pathological narcissist”. However, unlike Obama, she does make some effort to hide that. There are endless examples of this throughout her life. They are all a matter of record for anyone who wants to take an open minded look. One was her first job right out of law school. She was hired to work for the Watergate special prosecutor. She got the job at the request of a family friend. She was fired from that job for lying and evidence tampering. She should have been prosecuted and disbarred.

When you look at Hillary’s entire adult life it is obvious that she has failed to accomplish much of anything except to demonstrate that her total distain for the truth and the rule of law is deeply ingrained in her DNA. Her history also indicates that she is obsessed with only two things, absolute power and endless personal wealth. She will never have enough of either.

President Clinton and Obama both did long term damage to America, but in somewhat different ways and based on different ideologues and personal interest. However Obama has done, and is still doing more damage, in more different ways than any President in history. A careful look at Hillary indicates she could be more disastrous for America than either one of them by simply adding to the damage done by Obama.

Obama and Hillary are both devoted Saul Alinsky disciples!

Is it November yet?


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