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Dear Pope Francis,

I can’t ever remember bad-mouthing a head of a church… (and quite frankly, I have re-read my article 50 times debating with myself whether I should post it or not) but lately, Mr. Pope, I haven’t heard much from you regarding Christianity or your Church.

You’re acting more like a Globalist puppet.  And please my Catholic friends…do not get mad at me for what I’m about to write.  My frustration is with your newly chosen Pope…NOT your Catholic faith!!

Mr. Pope Francis, the last time I checked…you were elected in secret by a group of Cardinals or Bishops, to rule over the Catholic Church.  I think your time would be best spent sticking to that instead of sticking your nose into sovereign Country’s business and political activities.

A couple of weeks ago some of your Bishops, Cardinals, etc…were arrested for having a drug and orgy party on your home turf.  Maybe you should get a handle on that type of activity.

America and other Countries are still seeing young boys in Catholic churches being traumatized at the hands of your appointed Priests.  Maybe you could spend some time and clean up this tragedy which has been going on for decades?

And Mr. Pope Francis, if the Bible are the Holy Scriptures…maybe you should start teaching adherence to what it says about a myriad of things that are being ignored by your direction across the Globe.  We are ALL sinners (from all faiths. I am NOT picking on Catholics…I’m picking on YOU).  You are the head of the Catholic Church and when you start waffling on what the Bible clearly states on subjects…it sure doesn’t make you look too good as the Leader of the Catholic Church.

Get out of Politics.  Stop being hypocritical on issues until you clean up your own house.

Your latest rant against countries that do not buy into the hysteria of global warming is way off base!  In fact, very recent reports show that the Earth is NOT warming uncharacteristically and the Sea levels are normal.  The leading Scientist that predicted that New York would be under water by 2018 has now retracted that claim and adjusted it to the year 2152.  Ooops!!

As the leader of the Catholic Church, I think you ought to preach what God has taught us through the Scriptures.  The Scriptures clearly point out that God is in control of everything.  That includes the Sun and Moon.  Should we be good stewards of our planet?  Absolutely!!  But not get radical and jump on every hysterical warning from Scientists that are PAID to report gloom and doom so Globalists can steal money from richer Countries to give to the poorer Countries.  And educated people really know that this hysteria is really just about getting richer countries money and giving it to less affluent countries.   And yes…as Christians we should always do what we can with our time and money to help those less fortunate than us.  But it is WRONG for you to promote suspect junk science in order to take our money and give it to others.  That’s called “stealing” and THAT is clearly against the Scriptures and something you should know!

I could show my support and concern for clean energy by living on top a Wind Generator…but I’d be a witness to millions of God’s created birds being murdered.  Yeah…I may have gone overboard on that one but I’m sick and tired of all the double-speak and being told how rotten I am because I like food, cars that run on gas, and good bright lights for my home.

And after all…isn’t God in control, Sir?  If He wants the Sun to cool off…He’ll do it.  If he wants a tornado to hit or miss a house…He’ll do it.  If he wants this earth to cool for a while or warm for a while…it will be His choice.  I pretty much believe that no matter what I want or how hard I try at anything…the results are ultimately in my Maker’s Hands.

And here’s another good fact you might want to refer to in the Scriptures.  God states that he is “Coming Back” and a “Rapture of His People” will occur.  Nowhere does it say that at that the second coming of Christ and the Rapture will the World be “on fire or covered in ice or water”.

You also preach long and hard and criticize the U.S for wanting to strengthen our Borders.  You say we should let them be porous and also criticize our Nations’ people that want to protect our citizens from radicals and dead-beats that will mooch off our generous freebies that WE pay for.

Take a look at the recent carnage in Europe.  Innocent young girls at a concert blown up by the “poor immigrants” you care about.  If all those people are so wonderful…why don’t you invite them to come share your huge abode?  And if they are such poor and harmless people…why do you live in a gazillion dollar complex that has more guards and protection than Fort Knox?  Hypocrisy, Sir!!  Are you more important than us regular people?  My father was a Minister of a 2000+ member church in Denver, Colorado.  My family lived in a simple house on a regular old street and the door was always open for those in need.

I thought we were ALL special in the eyes of God.  Guess maybe I’m wrong on that, huh?  Don’t take that wrong either.  I have great respect for those in authority…but I don’t “worship” them nor do I take everything they say as “Gospel”.  God made us all with a brain and free will.  Not using one or the other of them would be an affront to our Maker!

Our Country has asked for a “pause” for 6 months allowing “potential” radical Jihadists Countries from being admitted.  And you run around the World bad-mouthing us as uncaring unrighteous people.  Let me explain, Sir.  This is being done to make sure we have the processes in place to clearly identify any who might be a risk to our Nation and our people.  You have a very strong vetting process in place to determine who gets into the Vatican.  Why are we wrong to do the same thing for our country and why are we wrong to protect ourselves as you do yourself?

We all see the results of Countries allowing immigrants (specifically Muslims) into their country in droves without proper vetting processes.  We are witnessing the total disregard for the Countries morals, lifestyle, religions and culture.  Many are mooching off the Host Country by refusing to work and receive free benefits the law abiding citizens are paying for.  And in a lot of cases the citizens of their own countries are being murdered simply because they believe in God instead of the Muslim Allah.

Many are “carving out” their own sections of cities to be “Muslim Only” and many are raping women, destroying property, killing “Infidels” (translated…that means anyone who does not abide by their religious rules), and turning once beautiful cities into war zones.  Does your God and interpretation of the Scriptures say this is to be allowed and/or accepted?  If so…then get rid of your gates, your guards, and security operations and start welcoming them to your doorstep.  Lead by example, Sir.

When it comes to Social issues…you are failing your faith as well.  The Little Sisters of the Poor in Colorado had a terrible fight against Obama’s clan regarding the forcing of Catholic entities in America to provide birth control which was DIRECTLY against YOUR religion.  Where were the Leaders of the Catholic hierarchy?  Why weren’t they in our Country fighting tooth and nail for them and your spiritual beliefs?  As Catholics, you have a much stronger position on birth control and abortion than other religions.

Why are you not screaming from the rooftop about all the LGBT initiatives?  Do you know that the only times in the Scriptures that the word “abominable or abomination” are used…is in reference to homosexuality?  Where are you, Sir?

Have you read the story in the Bible about the prostitute that was being stoned?  Jesus said to stop and asked any of them without sin to cast the first stone.  Then Jesus rebuked the woman for her sins and told her to go forth and “sin no more”.  He displayed Love…but did NOT condone or “tolerate” her actions!!

Poor Charlie Gard has a “chance” to maybe live.  Your FIRST response was for the parents to “give in” to a Country that says a parent does NOT have the right to make decisions for their children.  But after the backlash from that stance…you quickly and smartly changed your mind.

I think you need to change your mind on many stances you have taken and stick wholly to the Scriptures instead of Politics.  Stick to your Church, Sir.  Your people need you to minister to them…not watch you running around the Globe spewing out Globalist crap.

Why don’t you make it your mission to convert George Soros to a life of Christianity?  Oh wait…that’s probably a bad idea.  I think you’re bucking for that “Head Religion Post” that he’s promised you when he and other millionaires decide to implement their One World Order and put all of us peons in our place!

Pope Benedict XVI recently broke a time-honored tradition as a past-Pope and slammed you and your initiatives at the funeral of a recently deceased Bishop.  I think a lot of people are watching you forsake the principles of the Holy Catholic Church and want you to get back to Preaching instead of Politicking.

Note:  I’m hopeful that Catholics reading this will understand that my frustration is NOT with the Catholic faith!!  My frustration is with the current Pope and his lack of attention to Spiritual matters and his focus on Global initiatives that are NOT conclusive and lecturing us on how WE conduct ourselves on many issues we are facing in a tumultuous and dangerous time in our world.

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