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The Republican Party is more powerful than it has been since the 1920s and the Democrat Party has been ripped apart by Obamaism and the Left’s destruction of America’s economy, values, and culture.

How can Republicans be happy with Trump’s victory?  Conservatism wasn’t on the ballot, but conservatism won the day!  Or did it?  Conservatism won in 2010 and 2014 and was squandered by the corrupt in the Republican Party.  By allying with the completely corrupt Democrat Party against the people who put them in power to stop the Democrat agenda, the GOP betrayed the people just as the Democrats dupe the unwitty.  Now the Right is concerned about Trump being a man of his word.  It remains to be seen if Trump will fight for what is right as he declared throughout his campaign and become a Ted Cruz triumphant, or if he will turn to compromise with Democrats and be a Boehner clone and part of the problem.  Meanwhile, the DNC, Democratic Nazi Communist Party of the Anti-American Socialist Subversives, the ASSes, are terrorizing the nation demanding an overthrow of democracy in the name of democracy.  How demented is that?

Hitlery Youth terrorize nation demanding government overthrow

Over the course of Obama’s reign of terror on America the people have risen up to reject the leftist corruption of the nation and torn down the Democrat Party’s power from top to bottom.  They have lost well over a two thousand seats in government from the president down to town councils.  Now that they have lost the highest office in the land and the free world, the Left, as they always do, is demanding the Right mollify them with compromise, defining deviancy down, and accepting corruption as the new normal.  Republicans over the last century that Democrats have been in control have a long and sordid history of working with the Left to corrupt Washington instead of for the good of the nation.  The Democrat propaganda machine has become a fearsome indoctrination weapon warping the moral thinking of good and bad Americans alike.

People who said they wouldn’t vote for Trump as the lesser of two evils because that is still voting for evil advocated for the greater evil through their own self-righteous hypocrisy.  Donald Trump is a good man, an honest man who spoke his mind, spoke the truth, and won by the grace of God thanks to the wisdom instilled in the America’s Founders.  The Electoral College once again saved America from Democrat voter fraud.  Obama stuffing the ballot box with the votes of illegal aliens was thwarted.  The people of Virginia, however, need to be afraid as their Democrat governor gave 60,000 felons pardons so they could vote to flip the state, and those criminals who took away the rights of others so violently can also now legally buy guns.

Obama saying he believes that the two parties can come together and work in unison to make Washington work better is a colossal joke!  When he won he said “elections have consequences” and proceeded to sh*t on Republicans.  Now that he lost, now that all he has done to this nation has been voted by the people to be undone, he wants to work with Republicans?  He only wants to work at keeping them from undoing the destruction he has wrought!  People are fooled repeatedly by Democrats saying; they want to make America better, be fair, and that they love this nation, when they only want what is best for themselves.  Their attitude when they win is, “Hurray for me and f*** everybody else,” “It’s our way or the highway.”  But when they lose it’s, “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine,” and “If I can’t have it, no one can!”

This is why Rush Limbaugh, who had the courage to say at Obama’s election, “I hope he fails,” was right in praying that Obama be stopped from inflicting his leftist agenda on the nation.  Unfortunately, he succeeded, and now the nation’s economy is a shambles and the world is going to war.  Leftists say hoping the president fails is hoping the country fails, which is another leftwingnut false premise.  Obama succeeded in implementing his agenda to make America weak and Islam strong has made the world far worse off today than at the beginning of his regime.  Democrat corruption and their warped understanding of right and wrong is why Republicans must not work with Democrats as they have done in the past.

“When good compromises with evil, evil wins.” – Rush Limbaugh

The leftist agenda is the anti-Americanism of the party of slavery that wants to revert back to the days of nobles and peasants.  America is free because we rejected Socialism, Nazism, Communism, Fascism, and Islamism that are all totalitarian oppressors, and embraced Liberty, Christianity, and Capitalism.  The Left only offers equality through slavery to the state, while the Right offers liberty through freedom, responsibility, and self-respect.  Donald Trump understands the corruption of the Left in Washington because he has had to work with it to rise, but he also has the moral heart to understand that it is cancer that is killing this nation.

Working toward a better future for America involves focusing on two things:

Economy – it’s always the economy, stupid, that makes America prosper

  • Taxes

Taxes are choking down the American economy as Democrats take the wealth that would be creating jobs and give it to their cronies and dole out a pittance to their voter slaves as the affordably expensive ObamaCare.

  • Spending

Democrat deficits have been out of control racking up over a trillion dollars of debt on our children’s taxes every year of Obama’s reign, and that money has gone anywhere but to help businesses grow.

  • Regulations

Climate change is just one of the many scams Democrats are perpetrating saying that American energy is too dirty, and that we must shut down our mines and buy our coal from the Chinese and shut down our fracking and buy our oil from Arabs.

Terrorism – Islam and crime are existential threats to the American Dream

  • Islam

Sharia has launched the Jihad on the world once again with the help of the Obama regime funding their terrorism, while simultaneously weakening America’s economy and military, forcing her allies to allow Moslems to invade, and opening America to invasion by Sharia Islamists.

  • Crime

Black Lives Matter rioting in the streets and assassinating cops is a part of the Islamic movement to impose Sharia on the world through terrorism.  Claiming victim status that police are racists while perpetrating crimes is transparent to the righteous people who have had enough.

  • Socialism

The indoctrination of America’s children in schools and in media to believe in the fraudulent doctrine of the Left’s bloody ideology is epidemic.  The Left’s corruption of American’s education has led to the debacle of foolishly electing a Moslem socialist Hitler wannabe to be leader of the free world.

Al-Qaeda says Trump victory reveals American’s racism toward Muslims

On how many levels is this a galactic joke – Al-Qaeda the victim of racism for their Muhammadan ideology of hate and slavery?

Don’t let Obama’s conciliatory tone fool you

The Left says this election was about racism and a “whitelash” against a black president.  So what was Obama’s election if blacks wouldn’t show up at the polls for a white woman?  It is the Left who are the racists.  They’re claiming Trump represents the rise of the KKK and are worried about oppression of minorities, but it is they who are rioting, looting, burning, and attacking white people in the streets.  The racists are the ones assassinating police, demanding criminals have more freedoms, and terrorizing the good people of America.  Idiots demanding that black gangs rather than police patrol their neighborhoods are the ones who should not be permitted to vote for such stupidity!

If Trump goes to Washington and does everything he said he will do then America will prosper and the flames of war and crime will be beaten down.  Even so the Left will still smear him as a racist because he forces them to obey laws, stop illegals from stealing into the country, crush terrorists, and beat back Sharia Islamists from invading our nation.  We won’t be fooled by Democrats sabotaging Trump trying to claim he is a failure just as we weren’t fooled by Obama’s red line in Syria debacle.  But if Trump becomes a part of Washington corruption, if he works with Ryan and McConnell on their agenda rather than overturn Washington corruption and fulfill his vows, then I hope he fails and gets primaried in 2020.

America a house divided – between adults and spoiled brats

What a Trump presidency means for America’s future


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