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The wizards of smart all said he couldn’t win, the Left is going insane, and the Right is now hopeful for America’s future.  It’s now about the economy and foreign invaders.

What’s the difference between a conservative and a liberal?  A conservative is a liberal that grew up and learned what is right.  Donald Trump is not the lesser of two evils, he is a man.  Between him and Hillary, however, is another matter.  Both have been in the public eye for decades.  Trump has been a successful businessman while Hillary has been a corrupt politician.  What is different about Trump than previous Republicans is that he was willing to fight fire with fire so when the leftist smears started coming he beat them down and dished them out himself.  Republicans have been losing for the last ten years because they laid down for
Democrats.  Those days are over.

I’m much more thrilled that corrupt Hillary lost than that Trump won.  Liberals, who think politicians make better leaders than businessmen, don’t understand that the business of America is business, not entitlements.  America’s education system has been corrupted by the leftwingnuts who believe socialist tyranny is better than capitalist liberty.  This has been generations of warped thinking in the making and America’s future depends on educating liberals to understand that money isn’t printed, it is made through business trade.

Liberals are proving they are the haters, the violent, the abusive, and the ignorant.  Some are rioting in the streets to terrorize the good citizens who voted for Trump to end Washington’s corruption.  These are the people who have been encouraging foreign invaders, Islamic terrorists, black criminals, and the murders of police.  They promote stealing from the rich and moral perversion then claim themselves to be moral.  It is the mentality that says God is the oppressor and Satan is the liberator.

Ignorance of morality is what leads liberals to conclude that the far left and the far right are both tyrannical with the former being Communist and the latter being Nazi Fascist.  The problem with the paradigm is that both extremes are the same people, which is why it is so flawed that it leads to dysfunctional thinking making erroneous conclusions.  The Right-Left Paradigm is that the Right is Liberty and the Left is Slavery.  When taken in this context then it is clear that Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Islamism, and liberal democratic socialism are all the same ideology with the same tyrannical people who will destroy those who do not stand with them.  The difference between God and Satan is that God forgives, Satan destroys, and that is the difference between the Right and the Left.

Liberal rioters attack Trump tower

(Remember Republican riots when Democrats stupidly elected a Moslem socialist president?  This is just proof that it is the Left who are the hateful terrorists.)

The future with President Trump

Thank, God, Americans will not have to live under Democrat tyranny, but many believe they will be living under Republican tyranny.  They know nothing of the GOP that freed the slaves, broke up Robber Baron monopolies, and fought for civil rights.  They know nothing of Democrats as slavers, union thugs, and taxing away America’s wealth for themselves.  They know nothing of how the nation prospered under the Reagan presidency and Gingrich speakership during the 80s and 90s, of how Ronaldus Magnus defeated the Evil Empire without firing a shot to end the Cold War and free Eastern Europe from the Soviet Union.  Their ignorance, greed, and envy are what guide them against being responsible and doing what is right.

The difference between politicians and businessmen is that politicians tell you what you want to hear and then do what they want, while businessmen do what they say they’re going to do.  This is the hope that is in President Trump.  The question is will the swamp of corruption that has been controlling Washington for the last few decades work with him for the benefit of the people, or against him for the benefit of themselves.  No doubt Trump just upset their gravy train wherein Obama has stolen ten trillion dollars from future taxpayers to finance his cronies.  The entire federal debt can be laid at the feet of Democrats who always spend more than the people pay in taxes, and they always want more.  If they can’t get it by taking it in taxes then they use scams like climate change and affordable healthcare to scare people into giving them their money.

It’s now about the economy and foreign invaders.  Taxes and spending need to be brought under control.  Business needs to have government’s boot removed from their necks and allowed to function once again without the leftwingnut regulations and stealing their profits.  Foreigners who enter America to steal and terrorize from its citizens need to be banished.  And the people need to be educated to not fall for scams about global warming and socialism.

On November 8th, 60,000,000 Americans voted for corruption in Washington to continue, while the other 60,000,000 voted against it.  Now America’s hopes rest on a billionaire businessman who stepped up to be a man of his word who stops that corruption, stop the invasion, reverse the damage Democrats have done, and rekindle the American Dream.  Many conservatives foolishly didn’t vote for him because they didn’t believe in his campaign.  Now it is up to Trump to prove how wrong they were.  Part of that will be making certain that those who stood against him like Ryan, that stood against the people, are not at the front of the line waiting to profit for our victory or allowed to sabotage draining the swamp.  Don’t be surprised if the Obama’s Fed suddenly raises interest rates to cause an economic collapse to incapacitate the Trump presidency.

Total repudiation of Barack Obama

America: Episode IV – A New Hope!

Racists say Trump’s win about racism

The sensible response


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