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Yesterday many traveled home with a full stomach, and hopefully an equally full heart. While others that did not travel, lounged and reflected on the meal and those with whom it was shared. Let us hope everyone has good memories, and good thoughts, to carry forward.


The elections are behind us, and let them stay there. We begin now the Holy holidays of the Christian and Jewish religions; a very special time of year for all. And very exciting for children. With them in mind, let us begin by renewing our faith, and renewing our American traditions. There has been enough violence and discrimination. Enough selfish actions and protests.


All lives matter. Beneath the skin we are all alike. Our languages, traditions, and values may differ; but we must respect our diversity and live together. Step aside for those who struggle to walk, and lend a hand to those in need. Together we will enjoy the fruits of life, and together we will prevail.


The foolish lawsuits and invalid claims of police brutality must end. Burning our precious flag and disrespecting the colors must end. Our police and our military veterans deserve our respect and admiration. These folks are no different than you and I. They have families that love them, and expect to see them home after their time of duty. The only difference between us, these good people are willing to put their lives on the line to protect us. We MUST respect that, and show our gratitude in every way possible. Yes, there are some bad apples in the bushel, just as many have some bad apples within their families. But the few do not represent the many.


Let us begin this Holy season of giving with forgiveness, with sharing, and with respect for all our differences. In the United States of America, we must set the example. Many other Nations look up to us. They wish to be like us. But they’re not sure how. Those that come to our shores for the better life; let us show it to them. Tolerance must prevail, and they also must be respectful of our values and traditions. We can show them the way with our own example and guidance.



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