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Reading election postmortems is both scary and depressing. After reading the following article, I feel compelled to likewise comment on just one paragraph as an example:

“It’s hard to guess much from Trump’s campaign promises but we know the goals of the legislators now taking charge, plus Trump’s VP and those he’s tapping to head our government agencies. Losses are coming at us in these areas: freedom of speech and the press; women’s reproductive rights; affordable healthcare; security for immigrants and Muslims; racial and LGBTQ civil rights; environmental protection; scientific research and education; international cooperation on limiting climate change; international cooperation on anything; any restraints on who may possess firearms; restraint on the upper-class wealth accumulation that’s gutting our middle class; limits on corporate influence over our laws. That’s the opening volley.”

It seems to me liberals frame their agenda using warm fuzzy words, disguising more malign programs. When I read and hear fact-less accusations, it seems leftists are not spreading wisdom, but rather displaying total ignorance about the subject. Losses Kingsolver believes Trump will promote are actually losses for everyone; both left and right will suffer should leftists prevail.

Currently in Israel, terrorists are setting fires and burning trees, trees that provide oxygen, shade, fruit, lumber and solace to all. No tree ever harmed a Muslim, unless it provided shelter for a Jew to hide behind. Yet Muslims destroy that which is good, seemingly not realizing they are harming themselves as well as the enemy by so doing. Leftists fondest desires for me equates with Muslim tree burning, harming themselves along with those they perceive as the enemy.

Let me elaborate on each item listed by Kingsolver. “Freedom of speech” is being curtailed by the left, not the right with demands for “safe spaces,” prosecution for hate crimes when someone disagrees, selective editing by the mainstream press, refusal to allow conservative speakers at college symposiums, IRS persecution of conservative non-profits and other narrow one-sided stances limiting free discussion.

Stifling “Freedom of the press” also comes from leftists who call many conservative sites “FAKE NEWS” and want them censored or closed. Another example was when both Google and Facebook were caught censoring in favor of Hillary Clinton. Or worse, baselessly labeling sites like “Natural News” as Russian instigated propaganda.

“Woman’s reproductive rights” seemingly are solely defined by the left as unfettered abortions, even up to the last instant before birth. No mention is made of climbing STD rates or birth defects because of pharmaceuticals or inappropriate lifestyles. Planned Parenthood facilities do not even have ultrasound equipment. If you study history, Margaret Sanger was a strong believer in eugenics and weeding out undesirables from the gene pool. It is no accident of geography where most Planned Parenthood facilities exist.

“Affordable health care” under Obamacare became anything but affordable with rates for everyone rising more rapidly than pre-Obamacare and deductibles are higher than ever. Although being uninsured is now a crime punishable with a fine, rates are now so high that unless you have a total government subsidy, many with rate hikes up to 70 percent, find it more affordable to simply pay the fine. Read works of Ezekiel Emanuel, Robert Creamer and other authors of the program. Obamacare was not designed to provide healthcare, it was designed to gain control of the population through single-payer government run health care with the ultimate goal of rationing health care only for those deemed desirable. As with abortion, it is a way to enforce the left’s desire for “Eugenics.”

” Security for immigrants,” whatever is that in the first place? How about security for all legal citizens, Hispanic, Muslim or otherwise and deportation for all the rest? Increasing crime rates are disproportionately caused by illegals. Sanctuary Cities are the antithesis of security; they are bastions of protection for criminals.

“Racial and LBGTQ civil rights” should be exactly the same as civil rights for all of us, regardless of race, sexual or religious preference. Why do these groups think they deserve special privileges?

“Scientific research and education,” I assume that solely to mean and include climate change denial because NASA has been scientifically defanged and its mission replaced with efforts to make Muslims feel good about themselves. American schools are failing students by not teaching science and math, with American student scores in these areas low internationally and falling lower every year. Both Republican and Democrats agree schools need to be better; they just disagree on how to achieve that goal and are reluctant to use the scientific method of trial and error to achieve academic excellence. Teachers’ Union pressure has created a two-tier educational system, with those unable to pay for private schools getting a poorer quality education. Charter schools and school vouchers have not been given a chance to level the playing field.

“Environmental protection” should be based on common sense, not catering to special interest groups who want land, mineral rights or some other commodity usurped under the guise of protecting tree snails, fish or toads. Defining a mud puddle from rain as a public waterway defies logic. Penalizing farmers for raising dust when plowing is another absurdity. Clean air and water, YES. Legislation for political or economic gain for special interests, NO.

“International cooperation on limiting climate change” when climate change has occurred throughout time and the current definition has been both discredited and debunked scientifically. Many skeptics believe it is a cover by globalists to profit by redistributing world resources in the form of carbon credits from richer to poorer countries.

“Any restraints on whom may possess firearms” is to use gradual legislation to move beyond common sense limits previously in place to ultimately gut the second amendment, not realizing or admitting that it is people not guns who commit violence and crime in the first place. When guns are not available, another weapon will substitute and nothing will happen to prevent that violence in the first place. Look at Switzerland, a land of peace and prosperity in which every citizen is required to own a gun and know how to to use it. That is one reason Switzerland has been able to maintain neutrality during worldwide conflicts. The gun argument is emotionally not fact based and is yet another nail in the coffin of personal freedom in exchange for government control. A better focus might be revealing “Who controls the government?”

“Restraint on the upper-class wealth accumulation that’s gutting our middle class” fails to understand that Capitalism is what causes wealth in the first place and there was no middle class until Capitalism entered civilization. Capitalism requires wealth accumulation to drive its engine. Communism and Socialism have never created better lives for the masses and only serve to spread the sharing of misery, with elites retaining power and all the wealth.

“Limits on corporate influence over our lives” means replacing free market corporations and legal thus accountability/responsibility with more, bigger and less efficient government agencies who can not be fired and have no accountability.

What is most disheartening to me is that leftists are ignoring problems that face everyone, not just specially protected groups. Problems like national debt, a debased currency, radiation from Fukushima and other nuclear facilities, non-“global warming” natural disasters such as bee colony collapse, dying forests, GMO food contamination, Muslim declared war on all Infidels, out of control migration/immigration, and entire nations becoming failed states.

One way to interpret the last election is a last gasp and cry for help from all those who know big government is the problem and who want to return to the successful concepts upon which this nation was founded: “One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.”


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