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This quote is inscribed on a plaque on the base of the Statue of Liberty, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”.

We are a nation of immigrants. In the past we welcomed them. They assimilated into our society and became a part of the greatest nation on earth. There are three key words here, ”immigrants”, “welcomed”,  and “assimilated”. These words do not seem to be used in Immigration discussions today?

Immigration has become such a controversial subject now that when we hear the word “immigration” we immediately think about “illegal immigration”. The situation has become so politically driven that it literally seems like we as a nation cannot solve any of the problems associated with legal or illegal immigration. The ideologues on the Left  (with help from rino Republicans) are determined to use legal and illegal immigration to further their own “self-interest” regardless of the long term damage to America and the millions of lives that are negatively impacted every day by their actions.

Illegal immigration into the US happens two ways. One is legal immigrants who become illegal when they overstay their visa or do not use their visa for the purpose it was issued. One example is people who come here on a student visa but take jobs from Americans, usually at lower wages than would be paid to an American. In fact legal immigration has become so corrupt and mismanaged that some experts on the subject believe that the majority of the illegal immigrants in America originally came here legally. I detailed and documented this in my recent post, “Legal (?) Immigration”.

How our Government tries to manage Immigrants who cross our borders without our approval has also become so politically driven that it is totally corrupt and mismanaged. When you add these illegal immigrants to the legal immigrants who become illegal each year the actual number of illegal immigrants living and working here is probably closer to 20,000,000 than the 11,000,000 the Obama administration claims are here. And the number gets bigger each year due to increases in visa programs.

Under the Obama administration we now have:

“Catch and release” policies where people who are caught trying to cross the border are simply turned back. Does anyone actually believe these people will not keep trying until they make it across and stay? Another is people who are apprehended and released with an order to appear before a judge for a deportation hearing, without checking to see if they have a criminal record here in America!  Does anyone actually believe these people will show up for a hearing to be deported? Even if they did the deportation courts are so backlogged that it will take years to clear the cases already on the books.

Young illegals who are encouraged to come here by the 10,000’s of thousands. When they get here they are housed, get medical attention and then are released to the custody of relatives, who are probably here illegally. When any of these “young illegals” show up at a public school that school is required by law to take them and attempt to educate them without asking any questions, even if they do not speak any English. If you look closely at the news footage of these  ”young illegals”  you will see that many are teen aged boys (young men). Some reports say there is a high incidence of these young men being members of Hispanic gangs or drug cartels.

Sanctuary cities, which is something that I find hard to believe has become so prevalent in America! These are cities that openly refuse to follow federal and state laws regarding illegal immigrants, even those with long, violent criminal records here in the US. Not only do these cities do this, they flaunt it because they know the Obama Administration will not do anything about it. Additionally President Obama has publicly stated that he will veto any legislation by Congress that attempts to address this issue. This is not just happening in declared sanctuary cites. I was eating breakfast at a fast food restaurant one Saturday morning with two Sheriff Department deputies in the booth next to me. One of the deputies was a sergeant and shift supervisor. The sergeant got a call on his radio from another deputy who had made a traffic stop in the north end of the county. There were five young illegals in the car, some with no ID, no one with a driver’s license, some under 16 years old. Ultimately the sergeant told the deputy (loudly and profanely) to tell them to turn around and never try to come back to this county again. I could not resist asking him about how he handled the situation. He calmly explained that some prominent Hispanic people in the county met with the (elected) sheriff and informed him that they would file harassment charges against him if his department prosecuted people whose only crime was being here illegally. In this case they also ignored the fact that the driver was guilty of driving without a driver’s license and most likely without a valid car registration or insurance.

Regarding my reference to illegals that have a violent criminal record being released, this happens on a regular basis, sometimes with horrible results. Here are two well documented cases:

Kate Steinle was killed in a random act of violence while standing on a pier overlooking the San Francisco bay with her father. Her father held her while she died begging him to help her. She was pregnant with her first child. Her murderer was Francisco Lopez Sanchez. He had been deported five times and had numerous drug convictions. He had recently been released from Federal prison to Customs Enforcement who then turned him over to the San Francisco County Sheriff Department. Instead of holding him for deportation the Sheriff Department released him. He randomly gunned Kate down with a stolen gun while high on drugs.

Edwin Ramos was an illegal from El Salvador and member of the violent Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang. He had a long criminal record (including felony weapons charges). In June 2008 in what can only be described as an act of unprovoked violence he murdered Tony Bologna and his two sons while they were sitting in their car at a traffic light in San Francisco.

While most of us feel compassion for the illegals who are only seeking a better life for themselves and their families, we as a country simply cannot afford to allow the current situation to continue. The illegals add to our already overloaded social safety net programs, dramatically add to the cost of operating our public school systems and hospital emergency rooms and take jobs from those in America who need them the most.Take a look at the unemployment rate in America for young men and men over 50 of all races who do not have a good education or job skills, especially young black men.

Bottom line is that our Government does not know how many people are here illegally, where they are, or what they are doing and is not doing anything to attempt to solve these problems. In fact the “Left” has done everything possible to make the situation worse so they can continue to profit from it politically. President Bush (43) and his staff worked with Congress to put together an immigration reform bill in 2007. There were compromises from all sides but the administration had enough committed votes from both parties to assure passage in both houses of Congress. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.deliberately killed the bill to keep it from passing so they could continue to use immigration as a wedge issue with voters.

And then there are the “REFUGEES”! That will be the subject of another future post.

We have ONE LAST chance to save America in November! Get involved and choose wisely.


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