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This is my idea I have for our country:

The facts are:  The Federal Gov’t spends $36,000 per household per year, I do not even MAKE that much money in a year ! Gov’t is borrowing a great deal of that $36,000 per household per year in foreign money. I say that is wrong.  SICK AND WRONG ! My idea, the “Woodshed  System” can solve it.

Dave Ramsey, the conservative radio show host always talks about how people should buy things with cash, and keep an envelope system of storing money.  He says people spend more wisely if they pay in cash rather than a ‘pretty’ credit card.  Each section of the ‘envelope’ – accordion file is a compartment of a person’s budget, and if the money runs out, then the family does not spend any money, and they say “no”  to whatever the spending question is.  

I want the federal gov’t to operate like that.  

Everyone’s rights in the Constitution are trampled upon by allowing paycheck withholding.  

The United States has to do away with paycheck withholding, and replace it with military servicemen and women and IRS agents walking the country, door to door, asking for cash donations.  These monies go to the Pentagon.  Each representative (congressman and Senator) in the Pentagon gets a shed, and a desk in front of the shed……   cameras are present, and record all the money payouts. The heads of each department of government walk around the pentagon, from desk to desk, and ask for money.  (continuously)   It would then be up to each representative to hand out money for the government to function.  If the constituents demand certain things be done, then the reps are going to know it and can carry those things out, immediately, with cash.   If the department of energy, department of education, department of ‘whatever’ should be eliminated, the people will tell their reps and the reps will not hand over any money….or very little money.   Then the useless department, with no more money – will naturally understand they are FIRED.     

I think elections should be held by internet, and be once a month.  This way, if the people accidentally elect an idiot like Barack Obama – we can easily let the door hit his ass in 30 days instead of wasting away 2920 days, and allowing him to wreck and destroy THIS BELOVED COUNTRY THE LIKES OF WHICH EARTH HAS NEVER SEEN !

Executive branch should get ⅓ of the cash donations, senate – also one third, and house of reps a third.   The President can see how congress is spending, and match it if he wants, or go out on a limb, and spend it on his own pet project – but if it is too crazy – he will not be re-elected the next month.  

Pay for this job should be very low.  The President should get $100,000 per year….Senators, $70,000, and congressmen, $40,000.  Air Force 1 should be sold off.   Governmental pay being crazy high affects the minds of these people, and the next thing you know – the country is GONE  DOWN GOV’T RAT / corruption HOLES !!!!!    That is what I am angry about, and I know everyone would rather have more money, as opposed to very little or no money at all – which many people are faced with.

In summary:  1) Gov’t must STOP stealing money and go off donations, AND 2) Gov’t ELECTED REPS must be held on a 1 month leach, and START DOING WHAT THE CONSTITUENTS WANT ! AND NO MORE BORROWING MONEY IN FOREIGN CURRENCIES! It is easy to see what they are spending money on, and vote on reps once a month by internet.  We can vote for the best talented singers on NBC. Why not gov’t ?  Is Gov’t THAT retarded? Yes. Yes it is.    

Obamacare, of course needs to end.  Social Security and food stamps needs to END ! It is terrible ! The elderly / poor are not going to die! EPA – needs to end. Dept. of Education – needs to END. 

This is just the start.

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