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Like any prediction, a smart futurist explains he could be wrong. So here’s the caveat you knew was coming:  I could be wrong.

Today I saw President Obama in Cleveland tear into Donald Trump. But it’s what Obama said that caught my ear because he uttered the truth today, at least to a point.

Obama today on Trump: “Apparently in a speech yesterday he (Trump) started talking about ‘global elites,’ that there was a conspiracy of ‘global elites.’ ” Obama continued: “This is a guy who spent all his time hanging around, trying to convince everybody he was a global elite, talking about how great his buildings are, how luxurious, and how rich he is and flying around everywhere, and all he had time for was celebrities. And now suddenly he’s acting like he’s a populist out there. ‘Man, I’m going to fight for working people.’ ”

Then our community organizer president, who sees himself smarter than everyone else, swan dived into the ad hominem gutter: “Come… on… man…” Obama mocked.  He continued “…you want to know what somebody’s going to do? Look what they’ve been doing their whole lives.”

So why’d Obama take this self-demeaning tack?  Because because the prospect of a President Trump scares the beejesus out of Obama, Hillary, Democrats, a lot of Republicans and most voters in the federal bureaucracy. Millions of voters.   Many fear Trump because they fret that if he was our president, that he would go after the size of the federal government in a big way.  And ever-bigger government is the lifeblood of the Democrats.

Obama tried to make the argument that someone like Trump, who was and is among the global elite, would never work to help working people help themselves (as a fulcrum to make America great again). Why do Trump’s America-first arguments scare world-citizen Obama? Because if Trump is elected and succeeds, the Democrat-entitlement-Obamaphone party would collapse (the old-guard Republican Party would be at least partially marginalized) thereby making way for a responsible federal government.   A new government devoted to and unashamed to hold the American people ahead of the special interests who feed so much money seeking influence into Washington DC.


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