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Yes, Obama is gone! I thank him for his service, but it is time for the Nation to move on.

President Obama was too much of a Socialist, which we came to be aware of over the years. The Democratic Party has transformed itself within this time to follow a Socialist agenda. It has been a slow process, and going along with America’s values, we gave them a chance; until it was almost too late.  It is time for the Democrats to re-group. For the young among them to take charge of their Party, and stop listening to their college professors, and others, who have tried desperately to swing the pendulum to the Left. They all must realize that Socialism, and a free Society, mix like oil and water.

We must now turn our sights to the new administration. Many are not in favor of giving President Trump the chance to prove his ilk. We must respect the Office, it is our Office, and this is America, and now, we must give this new face of America a chance, just as we did for Obama.  It may be hard for some to understand the manner and process of the Business Mind.  This is a new era for America. Let us give it a chance. We must work together, along with our new Government.  Perhaps a business outlook might be better than career Politicians.  Business men work for the Company. Politicians work for themselves.

It is time to be patient; listen and learn. Stop the violence that is perpetrated by those outside of our Country who wish to bring us into their cocoon. They have been using you, our young,  through our Education System, to get their foot in the door. Slam it shut!!!!! Take back our Republic. The Founders worked too hard and too long, and sacrificed much, to bring us to this point. Let us keep their dreams and hopes alive with our own, and be worthy of their sacrifices; theirs, and the men and women of our military, who gave so much for us.

The new administration must be given a chance. We must be patient. If their ways are not acceptable to the American people, we can vote them out just as we have done to the Socialist Democrats.

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