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Well now, here we go.  Memorial Day is behind us.  We have paid tribute to those wonderful men and women who have protected our freedoms with their lives.  Now we must preserve what they have sacrificed for.  We must work diligently to ensure the peace, and freedom, and the rights of all men and women. We can only do that with our votes and our voices.

To those of you who shout and scream at speakers, who use violence and profanity to gain attention, who disrupt our right to assemble, to speak, and to bring a message to the world, I say to you “….. we will not be silenced….we hold our freedoms and rights dear to our hearts…… your animalistic violence will not influence us”.

Our election day is coming.  We will put in office the right candidate who will bring back our Republic.  We have seen the Socialistic agenda, and we don’t like it.  We have seen your Socialistic form of Government, and we know for sure that not only will it not work for us, but we don’t want it. We are not so weak a people that we need a government to feed and house us. We know how to be self sufficient and to protect our young and old.  We know how to defend ourselves and how to fight.  And we will.

Bernie Sanders is not the man for the job. He espouses too much Government control.  He would not let us enjoy our freedom and perseverance. He would tell us how to do what, and when, and where to do it.

Hillary Clinton also is not the right person for the job.  She has too much baggage, she supports too many leftist groups and their agenda, and she has made friends with too many of our enemies.

That leaves Donald Trump.  He has his faults, yes, but so do we all.  Can he bring America back?  I do believe he can.  I also believe that his strength at the polls in amassing the support he has, is because he is echoing the thoughts and desires of the masses. Mr. Trump is not afraid to speak his mind; to let the Politicians know that we have grown tired of their empty promises, their self-satisfying policies, their greed, and their lies.

If Forest Gump were running for President, he would have a chance since he is not a politician. Consequently, Donald Trump, not being a politician, but possessing his good business sense, his ability to discuss and deal,and his many trades and experiences with Countries “across the pond”, has a good chance.  He is not politically correct, nor diplomatic, but his common sense and his willingness to do what is best for the American people and his country will help him to overcome the naysayers that point out only his shortcomings.

If shortcomings kept a man from the oval office, we would not have had to deal with Obama, Bush (father & son), Clinton, Carter, or Johnson, just to name a few. Let us not fear the likes of Donald Trump.  Do not fear the unknown, nor embrace a lesser candidate because of that fear.  Donald Trump may not be the best in your opinion, but he is sincere in his dedication to America and her principles. He owes no one for his success.  He can be brash and outspoken.  But he can also be brilliant in his dealings with opponents and adversaries.  He knows what has to be done to get our republic back.

I am confident he can get the job done.

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