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The Democrat’s attempted usurpation of the presidency and stealing power from the people is multifaceted and all-encompassing.  They are corrupting culture, oppressing Christians, and encouraging the dregs of the world to overthrow the United States.  Their goal is to make America a socialist toilet with themselves as the elite rulers crapping on the masses.  All of these treasonous criminals who are involved in this attempted coup are going in front of cameras to denounce Trump’s transparency exposing their plot.

Hopefully, those who perpetrated this coup attempt, Comey, Brennan, & Co., will face justice.  But those who orchestrated it from the top, Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, & Schumer, may be shielded by their minions who will fall on their swords to protect them.  The danger of the Russian fraud may be passed, but their greed for power will always exist.  So long as these traitors to America are able and willing to violate Constitutional law to overthrow rightfully elected Republicans by duping their lemmings, America will always be just one generation away from losing her freedom.

  • Russian Collusion – false allegations over hacking that never happened
  • Obstruction of Justice – obstructing an investigation into the innocent
  • Coverup – of a non-existent crime exposed by absolute transparency
  • 25th Amendment – declaring the president to be mentally unstable
  • Voter Fraud – counting illegal ballots cast in elections
  • Importing communists – opening the border by wrecking immigration law
  • Endorsing criminals – giving felons the right to vote to break laws
  • Mass shootings – encouraging terrorism to disarm the people
  • Abortion – killing babies to increase their power over their sacrament
  • High Taxes – stealing from Christians to fund wickedness

President Trump has finally done what was needed to be done these past two years.  He has declassified everything to do with the Democrat spying and coup attempt.  Democrats are in a lather saying this is “unAmerican” and “a coverup!”  Please.  Explain to your lemmings how absolute transparency is a coverup.  Their irrational inability to reason beyond the propaganda or comprehend what is in front of their faces is proof of why Democrats are too stupid to vote.  Voting laws should be changed to have multiple requirements including tests for intelligence, knowledge of issues, and understanding of their representative’s activities.  This is why voting used to be restricted to only those people who paid property taxes because only the payers of taxes are concerned with how the government uses and abuses their money.

When over 40% of Americans believe in the fantasy of a socialist utopia, it is time to stop allowing indoctrinated ignoramuses the right to vote how taxpayer money is spent when they don’t contribute to it.  They only vote for benefits for themselves while listening only to propaganda.  They pay no attention to the actual corruption in government but do as their pied piper masters at CNN, MSNBC, and “comedians” tell them to do.  President Trump spoke the righteous truth when he declared that the only crimes of collusion, obstruction, and coverup are all being committed by Democrats.  With his transparency, he is exposing the pathological liars of the left.  That’s why they all cry “coverup” in unison.  The primary defense of the pathological liar is to always go on offense by accusing the truthful of lies.

Pelosi is saying Trump is engaged in a coverup by declassifying everything to do with the FISA warrant spying on his campaign.  How is this transparency a “coverup?”  This is exactly what Adam Schiff declared he wanted Obama to do with the “Russian hacking” that Mueller has admitted was a complete fraud.  He only said that to provide cover for Obama’s lies.  The facts are that it was Hillary who colluded with the Russians to create the fictional Steele Dossier by which to spy on the Trump campaign.  Nadler is now trying to obstruct Trump from investigating the investigators.  And Pelosi is covering up the multitude of crimes committed by Democrats up to and including their treasonous, ongoing coup attempt.  The only righteous response to all of this is “string ‘em up!”

Dan Bongino rips Democrat’s pathological lies – a must-see!

You can always tell a leftist liberal Democrat by the way they condemn something before any facts about it are known.  The Mueller Report, despite being a federal document claiming to be an “investigation,” is loaded with salacious gossip.  One of Mueller’s “points of obstruction” is that, within a few hours of Trump’s rally joke calling on Russia to find Hillary’s missing emails, he says Russian hackers tried to get into her private server – except that she had destroyed her devices over a year before.  Democrats never tell the truth.  They are pathological liars devoted to their fictions in denial of the facts.

Pelosi & Co. cannot do anything other than spew poison at Trump when they are in front of the cameras.  We’ve already seen her tell bald-faced lies about the meeting in which he dressed her and Schumer down about their illegal immigration laws.  She and Schumer were hapless children in that meeting and then went outside to spin tales in front of cameras.  You would think this would be obvious when we had a record of what was actually said, but Democrats rely on the ignorance of their lemmings to only listen to what they say rather than pay attention to what they do.  The best thing Democrats could do to make America great is to admit defeat and slink back into their swamp, but these snakes will never do that.

Trump needs to put hidden cameras in all of his meetings with them and play them to the public on his Twitter feed right after Pelosi tells her lies to the media.  I would love to see President Trump go up to her right after he exposes her twisted lies on camera and slap her lying face.  Democrats offer America nothing except stealing their money to give to their deadbeats, criminals, and invaders (who are not immigrants) to whom they pander peddling their communist ideals.  They are toxic to America’s culture and security.  These people who sacrifice babies to their gods invite any anti-Christian haters to join them in destroying the nation that those who love Christ have made great.

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